Product Description

The Hippo metal baler is a powerful baler large enough to bale complete washing machines and other white goods in one pass. It has been developed to bridge the gap between expensive three-ram balers and their more reasonable priced two-ram counterparts.

The JMC McIntyre Hippo metal baler has a lid shear force of over 150 tonnes and a compression force of more than 160 tonnes so it offers exceptional shearing and baling capacity. There are cutting edges on three sides of the loading box which gives the machines the ability to handle oversized materials with ease. There are other features which optimise the baler’s performance including a sorting table surrounding the bale box. This acts as an aid to loading and is a safety barrier between the operator and the lid.

A bale track carries processed material to an ideal height for unloading and, on the semi automatic models an intelligent control system enables the baler, once loaded, to carry out the compaction cycle automatically.

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