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McIntyre Metal Recycling Machinery

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JMC Recycling Systems manufactures the McIntyre range of metal recycling machinery including; metal balers, alligator shears, cable strippers, engine crackers, catalytic converter guillotines, drum crushers, car de-pollution systems and aluminium ingot casting machines.  Working directly with other recycling equipment manufacturers we can also supply cable granulators, shear balers, grabs, metal analysers, shredders and container loaders and unloaders. Having such an extensive range of new and used recycling machinery allows us to give you a huge choice of quality recycling equipment.  All of our systems are designed to increase the value of your metals and waste, increase your profits and reduce your costs – whatever your size and wherever you are based in the world. Take a look at the equipment on this site or contact us now for further information
Everything we supply or manufacture is built with quality in mind. We work hard to develop relationships with our customers, so that they come back to us for their metal recycling equipment time after time. We recognise that if we provide inferior products, then we will lose any potential repeat business.  So we only manufacture and sell the best. We have scrap metal shears and metal balers still operating in the field today, after more than 40 years of constant daily use!
We fully recognise that we won’t profit as a business unless our customers profit from us. We provide scrap metal machinery which is designed and built to last and we fully support it.  We work with our customers to maximise their returns from any machinery they purchase from us. We also recondition ageing recycling equipment either for individual customers or for resale.
Although JMC’s core business today is the manufacture and sale of equipment for the scrap metal and recycling industries, we still purchase and process scrap metal in our own yard as we have done for 150 years. Under the trade name McIntyre we offer the best prices in the area and a very swift service. This operation also allows us to test all the products we sell for quality, robustness and performance – ensuring our clients only work with the best. Plus it keeps our working knowledge of scrap operations bang up-to-date, allowing us to provide the highly knowledgeable service we’re known for. We specialise in non ferrous metals so will buy your: copper cable, copper pipes, household cable and wire, copper cylinders, aluminium and steel cans, aluminium wheels, stainless steel, electrical waste, lead and electric motors.  


Proud to be distributors for many of the World’s leading recycling equipment manufacturers:

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