As 2023 is nearing an end and the holiday season is fast approaching, we thought we’d take a step back and look at the new recycling machinery we’ve introduced this year.

The Edilgrappa F130 hand-held cutter

The Edilgrappa F1 is a durable, lightweight, and efficient portable hand-held cutter. This versatile tool is perfect for handling various materials, including cables, vehicle frames, metal sheets, as well as aluminium and steel profiles.

Additionally, we offer a selection of options for extracting dust that may contain precious metals, enhancing the functionality of this indispensable tool.


Another piece of recycling machinery introduced in 2023, is Actisweep, a robust and high-performing yard sweeper crafted to tackle tasks of any size effortlessly. Tailored for the recycling industry, this powerful machine ensures your yard stays clean, organised, and free of debris.

Engineered with advanced features and durable construction, Actisweep is built to endure the most challenging working conditions, making it a lasting investment.

Wrights cable strippers

Thanks to an agreement with Wrights Recycling Machinery, in 2023 we also began manufacturing Wrights cable strippers in our factory! Renowned in the recycling industry, Wrights are well-respected and their equipment is widely used in yards, both nationally and internationally.

Known for their reliability and user-friendly design, these recycling machines can add another dimension to your cable stripping capabilities.

More to come in 2024

We have plenty to announce in 2024, including the McIntyre 620HD alligator shear. We’ve engineered a shear that’s set to redefine efficiency and precision in metal cutting. The 620HD delivers unparalleled performance in handling a variety of materials with ease.

Stay tuned for a closer look at how this alligator shear combines robust design with cutting-edge features to elevate your recycling processes to new heights.

If you are interested in any of 2023’s new recycling machinery, get in touch with our team at or speak to us by calling +44 0115 896 6185.

Merry Christmas from all of us at JMC Recycling. We’ll see you next year!