What are Container Loaders and Unloaders?

Container Loaders and Unloaders, also known to many in the industry as Container Tilters are a category of specialist machinery designed to fill shipping containers with a variety of different materials such as grains, powders, liquids and scrap metal.

Though loaders tend to take advantage of different methods, Container Loaders typically use powerful hydraulic systems to unload and load most standard ISO containers at maximum efficiency.

MiTilt from A-Ward

The MiTilt from A-Ward is one of the best Container Loaders available right now. Allowing containers either 20 or 40 feet in length to be tilted from 10-90-degrees.

By loading the container from above using a crane, forklift or reach stacker, you have total control of the unloading process, turning a strenuous, multi-man job into a fast, single-operator task.

In order to keep the whole process safe and secure, the MiTilt features reliable hydraulics and a safety-lock system, preventing any accidents or damage from happening during regular use – resulting in a safer process than any manual loading and unloading alternative.

Read our case study on how MiTilt enabled Sims to load and export 500 tons of scrap into 20ft shipping containers.

See The MiTilt in action on A-Ward’s YouTube Channel here.

MiSlide from A-Ward

There are many types of materials which may not be appropriate for a tilted container with the MiTilt. The MiSlide is specifically designed to help load materials which are typically trickier to work with such as;

  • HMS steel
  • non-ferrous materials
  • baled plastics
  • rubbish and waste
  • recycled paper
  • woods and logs
  • palletised goods
  • and many more

The MiSlide is loaded via a track, which then separates a container into two compartments. By “sliding” along the container, the MiSlide is able to transfer load into the container in less than 5 minutes.

Read our case study on how an A-Ward horizontal container loader significantly increased profitability for Capral Aluminium.

To learn more about A-Ward container loaders and unloaders, do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions you may have here.