Project Description

Capral Aluminium has significantly increased profitability by loading and exporting its scrap aluminium directly with its A-Ward horizontal container loader.


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Capral Aluminium, Australia’s largest extruder and distributor of aluminium products, challenged A-Ward to supply a container loading solution that would enable it to switch from selling scrap aluminium domestically to exporting it in 40ft containers.

Prior to contacting A-Ward, Capral had been selling its aluminium scrap to local scrap recycling companies, therefore not maximising revenue that can be achieved by exporting directly. Capral required a container loading solution that would enable pre-loading of the scrap aluminium using its existing forklift with bin rotator and existing storage bins. It also required that there would be absolutely no container damage during the loading process.


A-Ward supplied a customised MiSlide 2040-F horizontal container loader to Capral.

This MiSlide was upgraded to have an extra-large loading chamber so that Capral could maximise the container load weights of its relatively low density scrap aluminium.

Standard state-of-the art features such as the AutoLocker and remote-controlled trailer alignment system ensure that Capral’s operators are kept a safe distance away therefore minimising safety risk.

The digital scale system ensures that maximum weight loading can be achieved every time.


Capral has significantly increased profitability by loading and exporting its aluminium scrap directly.

Capral is able to transfer up to 25 tons of pre-loaded aluminium scrap into 40ft containers in less than 5 minutes, eliminating truck waiting costs, whilst maximising container capacity use to achieve maximum weight.

The aluminium ‘stopper’ plate, developed between A-Ward and Capral, transfers with the material into every shipping container to minimise spillage.

Another major benefit to Capral is that the existing forklift with bin rotator can handle the entire loading process, eliminating the need for additional machinery or labour.

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