Competitive Scrap Metal Buying

Turning your scrap into value at our Nottingham U.K site

Copper Tubing

Copper and Brass

Including copper pipes, hot water cylinders, brass taps and valves

household cables

Electrical Cables

We need lots of this to feed our on site cable granulation system so we’ll pay you top prices for it

aluminium cans


Such as castings, turnings, aluminium cable, quadrant and extrusions. We also take aluminium cans and alloy wheels


Stainless Steel

Typical products made of stainless include sinks, taps, cutlery and other kitchenware



Lead is typically used in buildings for roofing and pipes (in older houses)

electric motors and electronics

Electric Motors and Electronics

We take electric motors and scrap from electronic devices

Opening Times

– Monday-Friday: 8am-4.45pm

Saturday: 7.30am-12 noon


Our Scrap Metal Buying Process

We accept a wide range of metals including aluminium, copper, and steel. Our process is straightforward:

Evaluation: Utilising state-of-the-art equipment, we assess the value of your scrap.

Quote: We offer a competitive price based on current market rates.

Payment: Once agreed, we ensure a fast and transparent payment process.


Maximising Your Returns and Environmental Impact

Choosing JMC Recycling means more than just competitive prices for your scrap metal; it’s about engaging in fast, transparent transactions and contributing to environmentally sustainable recycling practices.

We’re dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible return on your scrap while supporting global sustainability efforts.

How to Sell Your Scrap Metal to Us

Selling your scrap metal to us is easy:

Contact Us: Reach out via phone: +44 (0) 115 940 9630 ext. 208 or email to start the process.

Prepare Your Scrap: Gather your metal scrap, ensuring it’s ready for evaluation.

Get a Quote: We’ll assess your scrap and offer a competitive quote.

Complete the Sale: With agreement on price, we’ll arrange for payment and collection.

Commitment to Responsible Recycling

JMC Recycling adheres strictly to industry standards and environmental regulations, ensuring that all scrap metal is recycled responsibly. Our operations are certified and accredited by relevant bodies, underscoring our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

What we buy

Explore the diverse range of materials we purchase for recycling. From common metals to specific alloys, we offer competitive rates and expert handling for each type of material. Discover what you can sell to us for efficient recycling and optimal returns.