A good, high-quality piece of recycling equipment can last for many years, however, without proper maintenance and preventative measures, this can be shortened by a significant amount.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most important methods to help keep your equipment in great condition, allowing you to use your investment for many years to come.

Always Keep Spare Parts

It’s difficult to know when your machine will begin having onset issues, or fail completely. Because of this, it can be incredibly beneficial to keep a selection of spare parts on hand.

You should store standard spare parts of any machine you operate, ready to be replaced in case of equipment breakdown. For rarer, or more expensive parts, it’s always worth keeping a point of contact with your supplier in case you need to order a replacement part.

Check Your Equipment Daily

Performing regular maintenance checks on your equipment can help you not only have a better understanding of how your machine works, but also give you a general idea of which parts are ageing, or likely to fail soon. 

When checking your equipment, you should be checking for any points which need greasing, any filters which need cleaning or replacing as well as any dust or debris buildup which may need clearing. Doing this will protect seals, motors and other moving parts as well as reduce heat exposure to the machine.

If your machine has them, it’s also worth checking foot pedals and control cables to ensure the safe operation of your machine.

Cable granulators, for example, require more attention and should be checked more often to ensure airlines and filters are clear. You should also always have 3 sets of blades per machine. One that is being used, one on-site ready in case you need a replacement, and one more being sharpened to ensure continuous efficient operation.

Operate Machinery Correctly

You should ALWAYS operate your machine exactly as intended. Doing this not only ensures the safety of the operator but also your machine.

Taking shortcuts can be dangerous, and can result in costly damage which could leave your machine inoperable. 

Any staff using your machine should be adequately trained on all of the manufacturers correct practices and procedures.  

At JMC Recycling, we carry out on-site operator training for any machine we supply. This can include anything from safe operating procedures to necessary maintenance checks. We can also supply sets of standard spares and replacement parts for your McIntyre machinery to ensure you have them readily available. We also offer service plans to protect your machine, ensuring it stays in top working condition.

If you are interested in investing in some new recycling equipment for your business, browse the wide range of brands and models we stock online. If you have any questions in mind or need something specific, feel free to contact us – our team are always happy to assist.