• McIntyre 407 Alligator shears ready for shipment
  • McIntyre 5025 Bigfoot Metal Baler
  • Small JMC/McIntyre metal baler in action
  • Baled copper ready for recycling
  • JMC Aluminium ingot casting machine

Welcome to McIntyre – a JMC Recycling Systems Ltd company

The UK’s largest manufacturer of metal recycling equipment… JMC Recycling Systems Ltd was originally set up to manufacture and market McIntyre metal balers, alligator shears, metal shears and other non ferrous scrap metal processing equipment. With 27000 systems installed worldwide and the broadest product range in our marketplace we have decided to return to our roots and will now operate under the name of McIntyre, our original manufacturing name. For a transitional period, you will see us referred to as ‘McIntyre, a JMC Recycling Systems Ltd. company’. Why McIntyre? Since 1872, the McIntyre brand has been a trusted name in metal recycling with a passionate commitment to honest dealings, value, choice, safety and superior customer care. Such has been the strength of McIntyre’s reputation for quality and performance that our foundation brand has never lost its appeal. And now, proudly, we build on this fine pedigree to clearly define our offering to the sectors we service today: metal, cars and waste, with a diverse range of products including: wire strippers, cable strippers, cable granulators, car balers and more recently the Vortex car de-pollution and fuel tool and fuel extraction range. We have something to suit every metal recycling application and remain the only manufacturer of genuine McIntyre metal cutting shears and metal balers.

Meet our sales team

Phillip Pownall
Phillip PownallManaging Director
Contact Phillip on E: phillip@jmcrecycling.com T: +44(0)115 9409630 M: +44(0)7764 826476
Sally Johnson
Sally JohnsonAdmin and marketing
Contact Sally on E: sally@jmcrecycling.com T: +44(0)115 9409630

David Taylor
David TaylorSales Manager
Contact David on E: david@jmcrecycling.com T: +44(0)115 9409630 M: +44(0)7764 826474
Wahnnetta Williamson
Wahnnetta WilliamsonSales Office Manager
Contact Wahnnetta on E: info@jmcrecycling.com T: +44(0)115 9409630
Darren England
Darren EnglandWorks and Service Manager
Contact Darren on E: darren@jmcrecycling.com T: +44(0)115 9409630

Gary Exton
Gary ExtonPurchasing
Contact Gary on E: spares@jmcrecycling.com T: +44(0)115 9409630
Blessing Kugara
Blessing KugaraSpare Part Sales
Contact Blessing on E: stores@jmcrecycling.com T: +44(0)115 9409630