Product Description

The Terminator metal baler is a universal machine with exceptional cutting and baling capacity. A sorting table surrounds the front and sides of the bale box which acts as an aid to loading and as a safety barrier between the operator and the lid. The Terminator comes with a bale track which carries baled material away from the machine up to an ideal height for unloading. Crenelated blades prevent material slippage when the baler is being used as a shear, maximising the shear force applied and allowing large or over sized material to be processed without difficulty.

The Terminator can be manufactured as a manual or as a semi-automatic machine. The semi-automatic Terminator is fitted with an intelligent control system which will improve operator safety and also allow the baler, once loaded, to carry out the compaction cycle automatically. Use of semi-automatic control therefore increases throughput as well as freeing up the operator.

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