The wiring looms of scrap vehicles weigh 10kgs on average, so there is clearly money to be made from their removal and recycling. Rather than sell the whole looms on, recovering and granulating the copper cable can increase your yard’s profit by approximately 50%.
JMC McIntyre sell the SAS Extreme car dismantling attachment which fits on to most loaders with the bulldozer attachment being replaced by the hold down forks. The bidirectional attachment is powerful enough to remove the engine and gearbox in one go, yet delicate enough to remove the wiring harness, radiator, air-conditioning matrix, heater cores, ecu module etc. individually.
The JMC Matrix range of cable granulators is ideal for stripping and granulating the cable, with the additional powder dosing system tackling the tape and glue which clogs most other systems. This means that granulating wiring looms from ELV vehicles becomes an economical and efficient proposition.