Product Description

We have a used Mantis scrap metal baler coming into stock soon.

JMC Mantis is a semi-automatic metal baling and sorting centre which has been designed to give maximum throughput of ferrous and non ferrous metals with only one operator. Metal can be sorted onto the adjoining table and subsequently pushed into the bale box for processing. The operator then starts the operating sequence from a pendant control arm. Oversized material is sheared by the lid, but stays on the table allowing it to be pushed into the box during the next cycle. Once the lid is down, the baling sequence is automatic, freeing the operator to sort another load. The metal bale is ejected automatically onto a bale track.

The following metal processing times are approximate, but give an idea of the capabilities of the Mantis metal baler:

Bright copper wire – up to 2 tonnes per hour
Copper radiators – 1.5 to 2 tonnes per hour
Litho plates – 1.5 tonnes per hour
Copper water cylinders – 1-1.5 tonnes per hour
Light old rolled aluminium – 1 tonne per hour

The length of the Loading box is 1220mm (48”). It is 500mm (20”) wide and 380mm (15”) deep.

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