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Motor Boat for sale

Motor boat for sale. Not quite a piece of metal recycling equipment but maybe one for all the metal recyclers in need of a good holiday.  We have an American Cruiser 42ft motor boat for sale.  Lying Puerto Andraitx in Mallorca, Miles Better 2 is a six berth motor boat with twin Volvo Penta engines.  She has been retro-fitted with a bow-thruster.  The living is extremely spacious having a full height back cabin with bathroom and bath, a large lounge area which can also convert into a double bedroom, a second shower-room, and a two-berth front cabin. The kitchen area is fully equipped and also extremely light and spacious.  The boat is unusual, she's like a Tardis inside and outside there is a large amount of room for sitting and sunbathing with easy walk-around between fore and aft.  She's inexpensive and priced to sell.  We believe that she can stay on her  present mooring and she would make a perfect floating flat even if the next owner doesn't wish to leave the port.  For further information contact Phillip Pownall on 0115 9409630.

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Next Stop – Cars Expo 2014 Doncaster

Perhaps not quite as exotic as Las Vegas, but Motorhog in Doncaster UK is the venue for Cars Expo 2014 on 5th and 6th of June. JMC is a headline sponsor for the show and will be demonstrating a complete range of equipment for car recycling, from Vortex car-de-pollution equipment right through to machines able to process car components such as engines, catalytic converters and car looms. Taking centre stage this year will be the SAS Scorpion, an engine puller able to remove the entire engine and transmission from vehicles in only 30 seconds. Fitted to a JCB wheel loader, Scorpion will be in action throughout both days of the show. Also on offer will be an MG cable granulation system which has been modified for processing car looms. MG cable granulators are the best in the world for separating the metal and plastic from all types of cable. The new JMC catalytic converter guillotine will also be in action along with JMC alligator shears, the JMC oil filter baler, and engine cracker. Vortex de-pollution will be represented by a Vortex tower with roaming oil and water drainer, a Vortex stand, a mobile fuel tool and a vehicle lift and tilt system. Motorhog operate an RB6000 car baler manufactured by Idromec. This machine won't be running, but visitors will be able to see how nice it is. JMC are the UK distributors for Idromec. So if you process vehicles, or want to start, then come to Motorhog in Doncaster for Cars 2014. Further details on the show can be found here.

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See us at ISRI14 Las Vegas

Our genuine McIntyre alligator shears will be on show on the OBC stand number 1648 at ISRI14 Las Vegas. We will have a McIntyre 200B, the ever popular McIntyre 407 and a McIntyre 500 shear with hold down - just part of our complete line of hydraulic alligator shears which range in size from 6" in blade length up to more than 24" blade length. MC has been selling hydraulic metal shears in the States for over forty years and as more than 4000 in operation. We are now looking for the oldest working McIntyre alligator shear in America. So if you think you have it, contact us with a photo of the machine and a close up of the serial number plate. There's a stone flagon of McIntyre Spirit of Dunkirk whisky (the last we know of in existence) on offer to the owner of the oldest shear we find. Also see our new catalytic converter guillotine on the Vortex stand number 1448. We look forward to seeing you on one of our ISRI2014 stands! Contact us NOW

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Engineering Job Vacancies at JMC Recycling Nottingham

The following job vacancies have now been filled but thanks to all those that contacted us. Meanwhile as at 13/06/2014 we have a vacancy for a storeman again based Nottingham and a machinist with both manual lathe and cnc experience. Design Engineer with experience in hydraulics able to design machines and follow them through from initial conception to final completion. To be based at our works in Nottingham. We use Solid Edge which is a 3D drawing package, but we understand that SolidWorks is quite similar. If you are interested please contact Amy or Sally on 0115 9409630 or complete the contact form below. Commissioning and Service Engineer with good mechanical skills, a working knowledge of hydraulics, and the ability to fault find. Will be fully in the works for three months on all aspects of our recycling machinery. This is not a 9 til 5 job and you must be prepared to travel worldwide. Contact Amy or Sally on 0115 9409630 or complete the contact form below. Mechanical Fitters. We are always short of these! Working in Nottingham successful applicants will build new recycling equipment from parts, or be involved in the complete reconditioning of used equipment into an as-new condition. Contact Amy or Sally on 0115 9409630 at any time if you have are good engineer living locally with hydraulic experience. Or complete the contact form below. We would also consider young people wishing to take an apprenticeship. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us NOW

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JMC ingot casting machines set sail for Mexico

Our 30th aluminum ingot casting machine set sail for Mexico last month with two more going out early this year.   Aluminium ingot casting equipment has become an important and valued part of our business and we very much appreciate our latest, and indeed all of our ingot casting machinery customers. JMC ingot casting machines are primarily for aluminium and were originally developed in our own foundry.  As such we recognize that an ingot casting machine has to be extremely well built to ensure long life in a foundry environment - as well as being fast, efficient and 100% reliable.  We source only the best castings and components and build the frames in house from high-quality steel.  Our pouring systems have been designed to minimise dross formation in turn dramatically improving the ingots produced.  An adjustable speed system allows the volume of metal poured into each mould to be accurately controlled, producing ingots of a consistent weight and dimension.  As the moulds travel up the incline and around the head sprockets they invert, allowing the ingots to fall assisted by two hammers. We have a number of basic models to produce cones, cubes or long bar ingot with ingot production capacities from 5 to 10 tonnes an hour.  JMC ingot casting machines can also be purpose-built to meet your own foundry requirement. Further information on our ingot casting machines can be found on our dedicated ingot casting website.  

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New mPulse Laser analyser – no more X-Rays

It's not often that a totally new and unique product hits the metal recycling industry - but mPulse is one of them.  mPulse is a hand-held portable metal analyser which uses a powerful micro-laser beam.  Tests are really fast, taking just over a second.  mPulse operation is completely point and shoot with no program selections to make or electrodes to clean.  Light elements are analysed as easily as heavier elements, and even the smallest samples such as granules and turnings can be tested.  And there's no X-Rays so no need for operator certification or licencing.   We are currently offering demonstrations of the new mPulse at customer sites throughout the UK so contact us for further information or a demo.  Email phillip@jmcrecycling.com  or phone 0115 9409630.  

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Another batch of McIntyre alligator shears arrives in the USA

Another container load of scrap metal cleaning shears has arrived in the USA.  JMC McIntyre hydraulic alligator shears are now sold in the USA by OBC of Cleveland, Ohio, and this latest shipment will be their fourth since they were appointed the exclusive distributor of genuine McIntyre alligator shears in the States this year.   There are several McIntyre copies on the market now, so it's important to check that your machine is definitely one of ours before you buy.  And if you find that it isn't then please let us know.  But in the meantime,  if you are based in America and are looking for a new scrap cropper or cleaning shear, then you can contact OBC directly by phoning  216.398.8800 or have a look at their website at www.obcbaling.com Contact us NOW

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Car balers, metals analysers, wire strippers, cable granulators and more at RWM 2013

The RWM exhibition held in Birmingham this week gave us the perfect opportunity to catch up with some of our key manufacturers of cable granulation equipment, laser metals analysers, cable strippers, car balers, shear balers, materials handling grabs and loaders - all manner of metal recycling equipment.  At the show we represented Idromec balers and shear balers, Tabarelli loaders, Gusella grabs, the Pecher wire stripper and RMG Technology's innovative laser metals analyser.  Also on the stand was a Vortex car de-pollution stand complete with car supplied by our local customer Bits at Micks (thanks for that Mick - it looked so good we may have to buy it off you), and our own new catalytic converter guillotine, several alligator shears and the semi-automatic Terminator metal baler.  Despite the extortionate electricity costs charged by the NEC, many of our machines were running giving potential buyers to opportunity to see them in action and we had a very busy and successful time.  Thanks to everyone who came to see us - we'll be contacting everyone with further information and quotations  just as soon as the sales team have sobered up a bit.  If you don't hear from us, or if you missed us at the show, then please, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. Contact us NOW

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See us at RWM 10th – 12th September

The RWM exhibition held in Birmingham 10th - 12th  September is the largest showcase in the UK for the recycling and waste handling industries.  It's well worth a visit, and if you do go then don't miss us on stand 19S31-R30.  We should be easy to spot, we're right next to the JCB stand. At the show we will be featuring our McIntyre shears, alligator shears and metal balers together with our latest solutions for catalytic converter recycling and metals analysis.  Take the opportunity to try out the mPulse laser metals analyser which can accurately test small metal samples, allowing you to earn more money when buying or selling your metals.   We will also be displaying the JMC Cat Guillotine which can quickly and safely process high volumes of catalytic converters.  And there will be a chance to see the latest Matrix cable granulation system in action, a Vortex car depollution stand,  and a new addition to our cable stripping range the Pecher PR3 Evolution which truly is the Rolls Royce of wire strippers.  Outside you will see an Idromec car baler and a Tabarelli loader equipped with a Gusella grab. So we'll have plenty of machines to keep you interested, and we'll always have a crate of the infamous JMC Dogs Bollocks on hand. You can click here to register. We hope to see you there!

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First new-type shears destined for America

The first new-type JMC McIntyre shears have left England for the USA.  They feature a number of improvements to the existing range including: an easy lever to make stroke adjustment fast and efficient, a Perspex viewing point to improve operator safety and a foot pedal cable cover to increase cable life and prevent trips and falls.  At JMC we are committed to a continual improvement program for all of our products to enhance both safety and efficiency.  All JMC McIntyre machines are built from the best quality components, many of our first shears and balers are still in operation today after more than 30 years of heavy scrapyard use.  So if you buy from us can be sure that you will have a machine which will maintain its value and give many years of useful service. Taking delivery of the first new batch of McIntyre shears will be Ohio Baler, our new American distributors.  Ohio baler's website is at http://www.obcbaling.com/,

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