The first new-type JMC McIntyre shears have left England for the USA.  They feature a number of improvements to the existing range including: an easy lever to make stroke adjustment fast and efficient, a Perspex viewing point to improve operator safety and a foot pedal cable cover to increase cable life and prevent trips and falls.  At JMC we are committed to a continual improvement program for all of our products to enhance both safety and efficiency.  All JMC McIntyre machines are built from the best quality components, many of our first shears and balers are still in operation today after more than 30 years of heavy scrapyard use.  So if you buy from us can be sure that you will have a machine which will maintain its value and give many years of useful service.

Taking delivery of the first new batch of McIntyre shears will be Ohio Baler, our new American distributors.  Ohio baler’s website is at,