Our 30th aluminum ingot casting machine set sail for Mexico last month with two more going out early this year.   Aluminium ingot casting equipment has become an important and valued part of our business and we very much appreciate our latest, and indeed all of our ingot casting machinery customers.

JMC ingot casting machines are primarily for aluminium and were originally developed in our own foundry.  As such we recognize that an ingot casting machine has to be extremely well built to ensure long life in a foundry environment – as well as being fast, efficient and 100% reliable.  We source only the best castings and components and build the frames in house from high-quality steel.  Our pouring systems have been designed to minimise dross formation in turn dramatically improving the ingots produced.  An adjustable speed system allows the volume of metal poured into each mould to be accurately controlled, producing ingots of a consistent weight and dimension.  As the moulds travel up the incline and around the head sprockets they invert, allowing the ingots to fall assisted by two hammers.

We have a number of basic models to produce cones, cubes or long bar ingot with ingot production capacities from 5 to 10 tonnes an hour.  JMC ingot casting machines can also be purpose-built to meet your own foundry requirement.

Further information on our ingot casting machines can be found on our dedicated ingot casting website.