Project Description

A-Ward 40ft Container Unloading System Saves Libman Costs and Improves Safety

A-Ward’s 40ft Tilt and Raise container unloading system allowed Libman’s factory to purchase lower globally priced Polypropylene when local sources were on allocation, and unload it safely, efficiently to the highest quality. It also allowed containers to be emptied outside, saving the company warehousing costs.


The Libman Company in Illinois, USA, challenged A-Ward to supply  it with a 40ft container unloader that had plenty of working space at the open doors when tilted at 50 degrees, to allow for safe and easy operator connection for resin extraction. The 40ft containers would be unloading Polypropylene resin from a container liner outside and the company could not afford any water or contaminate damage. The design also had to be easily and remotely controlled by one operator.


A-Ward worked with its local agent Foremost Machinery to design a turnkey resin unloading solution. This resulted in the A-Ward 40ft Tilt and Raise Container Unloader with a 50 degree maximum tilt angle, fitted with a hydraulic roof protection option. A-Ward built an easy-to-operate but technically-advanced geometric ‘Tilt and Raise’ style unloader for a 40ft container, to give a 1.6m (5’3”) clearance from the opened container door to the ground. Importantly, this system does not require special transportation and can hold the fully loaded container in an elevated position for extended periods during unloading, all of which keeps costs down.


Libman Company is very happy with the new design and the extra efficiencies this has enabled.  It now has:

  • Minimal supply chain risk, mitigating supply shortages and paying only global prices in the future
  • An integrated roof protection option for weather-proofing in all conditions, even snow
  • A dry environment to store the operator’s evacuation equipment, supplied by Foremost Machinery
  • Security of supply in the future through the new container handling system