Project Description

A-Ward’s Flexible Resin Unloading System Keeps Materials Dry, Minimises Costs

When Sistema Plastics built a brand new, state-of-the-art, high quality plastics factory in a first world country, it relied on smart design in all aspects to enable it to compete with third world prices. A-Ward’s resin unloading system helped by eliminating the need for warehousing set-up, reducing labour demands, and keeping shipping and handling costs to the bare minimum.


Sistema Plastics challenged A-Ward to supply a complete container unloading system, including all platforms, stairs, container liner connection, rotatory transfer and blowing system. The new system had to enable Sistema to unload imported 20ft containers outside in all weather while guaranteeing that the resin would stay 100% dry. This container unloader was also required to eliminate the need for any specialised tipping trucks, specialised outside services or extra transport cost, plus its design had to handle being loaded and unloaded with not only the company’s container straddle crane but with forklift and swing lift trailers, too.


A-Ward supplied a specialised 20ft Flat Top Frame container loader with set loading height, which allowed for all loader options. The remote controlled container locking, tilt and hold (at any angle from 0 to 70 degrees to enhance resin gravity feed unloading) are all managed with a safety sensor interlock control.

The container unloader is fitted with a hydraulic rain deflection roof to keep the working area dry; an integrated rear linkage platform, and a rotary blower feeder that allows it to raise and lower while tilting – allowing a safe, flat working area at all angle positions and ensuring the maximum resin is feeding to the unrestricted rotatory blowing feeder.

A-Ward also supplied container door safety braces and locks to protect the operator if the container door latch failed.


Sistema has dramatically reduced shipping and local transport costs by removing the need for all specialised transport providers with its A-Ward container unloader. Having the complete set-up working outside removed all extra warehouse building costs. By removing all labour, and automatically unloading direct from one bulk container liner, the new A-Ward system has eliminated any possibility of the resin getting water or contaminate-damaged. Sistema Plastics has truly built a world -leading plastic manufacturing facility.

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