Product Description

The 600HD alligator shear is a fast and strong metal cutting shear with an extended hold down clamp, making it ideal for every cutting and cleaning task whether cable, plastic sections or window frames. Its cutting capacity is up to 63mm, 2″ inch mild steel round bar.

The 600HD alligator shear is probably best known for dealing with car radiators. It was designed and built following requests from customers who were looking for a shear with a longer blade to cut larger items such as car radiators which it cuts through in one pass. The automatic hold down clamp holds material in place during the cutting cycle and prevents kick back which speeds up processing and improves operator safety.

As with all McIntyre shears, opening and closing the jaws is controlled from a moveable foot pedal. As soon as the foot pedal is released, the cutting blades return to the open position. However, a continuous cutting action can be achieved by keeping foot pressure on the pedal.

The 600HD can be supplied with an electric motor or with a 2-cylinder diesel engine.

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