Product Description

The McIntyre Global range of safety alligator shears has been designed with safety as the primary focus so they are fully CE marked and guarded. This range goes one step further with a strong metal case enclosing moving parts and a rugged guard which protects the operator from the blades. The guards have perspex viewing points to improve visibility and further enhance safety.

Global 5000 and 6000 units are equipped with an automatic hold down clamp which holds material in place during cutting and prevents kick back. As an additional safety option, machines can be fitted with strong rubber curtains which shield the operator from flying material. This is particularly important if the metal being cut is quite brittle and means that Global shears are ideal for cutting up and destroying weapons.

The performance of the Global shear range is not compromised by the safety factors. Shear forces vary from 90 up to 120 tonnes giving cutting capacities of up to 63mm (2.5″) mild steel. Global shears are designed and built to last because they are made from quality components and have a strong metal shell. You can rest assured that your investment will be protected for many years to come.

Of course any machine which can cut metal can be dangerous. Therefore it is imperative that you read and operate the shears in accordance with the operator manual. A risk assessment should be undertaken, a full check made to ensure that safety equipment is in place and all operators should be suitably trained.

For more details about safety alligator shears and other products available from McIntyre (a JMC Recycling Solutions company) please contact Phillip Pownall on 0115 9409630 or email

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