Product Description

The McIntyre 640-240T metal cutting alligator shear is a beast of a machine. It’s strong, reliable and able to cut up to 3.5″ 88mm mild steel round bar. Powered by electric or diesel, this 240 tonne alligator shear offers the maximum cutting capacity available in a JMC-built shear. It has greater cutting capability than any other shear of its size and will handle long lengths of material such as aluminium extrusion.

The 640-240T can be fitted with solenoid control allowing it to be coupled to infeed and outfeed conveyors to enable to handle long lengths of material such as aluminium extrusion. A super-speed version is also available and other options include forced air cooling so that the shears can be operated in hotter climates. If you work in a colder climate then the machine can be fitted with oil-immersed tank heaters.  Pics Show the 640-240T sC shear with table and solenoid control.

The 640-240T has a heavy duty guard because operator safety is paramount. The shear can be operated either by a foot pedal which gives more accurate control, or it will work continuously for optimum performance.

Because it’s been built to last the 640-240T is a great investment.

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