Next year will mark JMC’s 20th in business. But the McIntyre name, with which we still brand our machines, first appeared in scrap metal in 1872 when Irishman John McIntyre opened J.McIntyre Scrap in the shadow of Nottingham Castle.  John McIntyre was known as ‘Honest John’. His honesty made him popular as a scrap dealer all those years ago and honesty remains one of our core values today.  Some of the best metal at that time was wrought iron from horseshoes which was manually processed with large hammers – we like to think that we have come up with a few better ways over the last 150 years!

When John McIntyre died at the end of the First World War, the business was sold, and the job of manager offered to Edward ‘Ted’ Pownall.  He later bought the company and used to boast that he earned back its purchase cost within his first few weeks of operation.  The business of J.McIntyre continued to flourish,  with Ted Pownall’s two sons coming into the operation in the 1950’s.  Keen innovators, they kept abreast of equipment trends and installed one of the first fragmentisers in the UK at the company’s then new site in Dunkirk.

The need for quality machinery to process the increasing amount of metal coming into the business, and the passion of Ted’s son Michael for better and faster scrap processing, prompted McIntyre’s to set up a company specifically dedicated to producing equipment for the recycling industry.  J.McIntyre Machinery Ltd was born, and over the years designed, developed and manufactured a complete range of equipment from shears and balers, to cable recyclers, grabs, drum crushers, can sorters, furnaces, casting machines, and aluminium dross processing equipment.  Shears formed the mainstay of the business then and are still amongst our most important products today.

JMC Recycling emerged from the McIntyre Group in 2003 and is still run by two members of the same Pownall family.  We continue to use the McIntyre name for our machinery, and we are still situated in a corner of the McIntyre scrap metal site in Dunkirk, Nottingham.   We now run a demonstration yard alongside our manufacturing business so that customers can see some of the wide of machines we sell in action in a real scrap yard environment, albeit a small one.  Today we have a full MG Matrix cable recycling system in operation and there is always at least one scrap yard shear, cable stripper and/or metal baler ready to test alongside a wide array of new and used equipment either built and ready to go or in build.

If there is anything you’d like to see running, give us a ring or drop us and email to organise a visit.  Ifyes our own yard is inconvenient, we can always refer you to one of our worldwide customers for a demonstration.