Product Description

The A-Ward MiTilt container tilter is a patented system for tilting containers while they are being loaded. This means that significantly more material can be shipped per container dramatically reducing transport costs. Loading time is also reduced thus increasing product throughput and turnaround.

There are a number of MiTilt container tilter options to suit every business type. Standard tilters have a 70 degree maximum tilt angle, but this can be upgraded to 90 degrees depending on the type of materials and loading devices being used on site. There are a number of frame options to suit different trailer styles. For example, the Universal Frame allows truck and trailer units to drive through the tilter. The trailer is tilted using a mechanically operated system which reduces the number of hydraulic components.

The MiTilt Flat Deck is operated hydraulically which allows fast insertion and removal of containers and better suits companies who want use forklifts and cranes. The long Front frame suits the majority of trailer styles and sizes where the container doors face the front of the container, whereas the Short Rear frame is ideal for businesses using 20 foot containers where the container doors always face the rear of the trailer.

A number of additional accessories are available for MiTilt container loaders and unloaders including a digital scale, remote radio control, hydraulic container door arms to open and close container doors, access ladders and forklift pockets.

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