Used Metal Recycling Equipment

Here at McIntyre we specialise in reconditioning used metal recycling machinery and equipment. The reconditioning is extensive with new cutters (where required), electrical and hydraulic systems checked and upgraded if required and a new coat of paint. Apart from their own JMC range of metal recycling equipment, McIntyre recondition equipment from other manufacturers, such as Deltax, Bonfiglioli, Harris and Bronneberg. All used metal recycling equipment is sold with a warranty and complete support. If you are interested in buying a new machine we can offer generous trade -in allowances on your old machinery. Call us for details.

Car Baler Sierra AL5000

Car Baler Sierra AL5000 for sale.  This is a 2008 model and will be sold as seen.  It is in […]

Bonfiglioli Shear – Squalo 2000

The Bonfiglioli shear range  comprises the most powerful metal scrap vertical shears available in the market. This used Bonfiglioli shear is […]

McIntyre 150 Alligator Shear


The McIntyre 150 alligator shear is small enough to be moved easily around the yard. All you need to put […]

JMC McIntyre 200B Alligator Shear


Here’s a versatile 8″ blade alligator shear which may look small, but it has a big cutting capacity. If the […]

Cable granulation system – Matrix 200

Sold as seen, this Matrix 200 cable granulation system can recover clean copper from cable at rates of up to […]

Matrix 400 Cable Granulation System

We have in stock a complete Matrix 400 cable granulation system  for recovering clean copper from any type of cable. It […]

Lindemann 350T Scrap Shear

This Lindemann 350T Scrap Shear has a 350 tonne cutting capacity for those who need to shear heavy gauge steel […]

McIntyre 320 Hydraulic Alligator Shear


The 320 alligator shear is a must for any yard. It’s well established and recognised as the industry standard for […]

McIntyre Metal Baler 2035 model – single phase

Coming in for reconditioning, available at a great price, and might even be ready for Christmas, this single phase McIntyre […]

Engine Cracker

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An engine cracker which can pay for itself in under a year, after that it will just earn you money. […]

Zato 800 tonne Shear Baler

The Zato 800 Blue Whale shear baler is a high quality baler made of simple but sturdy arc welded metal components. […]

Car baler for sale

This ORca SG5250G car baler manufactured in Italy will handle up to 20 tonnes of metal or 20 cars per […]

Matrix Monster Evo Cable Granulator

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The Matrix Monster Evo cable granulator is an efficient system for processing up to 100 kg of cable an hour. […]

Wagner WS30 Shredder

This single shaft Wagner WS30 Shredder is  to be fully reconditioned by the original manufacturer – Wagner of Austria.  It […]

Cable stripper CSX 2010

This multi-purpose CSX 2010 cable stripper is an ideal solution for your lead, VIR, wire-armoured, PVC, paper and pyro cable […]

McInytre 640 Diesel alligator shear

This McIntyre 640 diesel alligator shear isnNew in for reconditioning. It is a powerful hydraulic yard metal shear which is […]

Lindemann Sodre 9 metal baler

The Lindemann Sodre 9 is a versatile semi-automatic 3 ram baler ideal for all non ferrous and light ferrous baling. […]

Container unloader

Rare opportunity to purchase a used MiTilt 20ft container unloader frame manufactured by A-Ward.  The MiTilt container unloader enables companies to reduce […]

700 tonne shear baler – Taurus

Opportunity to buy a used 700 tonne shear baler from Taurus. The machine is only 3 years old and […]

Arnold SP100 Used metal baler

This Arnold SP100 used metal baler is an automatic machine with a capacity of 3 to 4 tonnes per hour […]

Used cable stripper – Wrights 170

The Wrights 170 used cable stripper is able to handle cable from 3mm up to 70mm in diameter at speeds […]

Bronneberg KAB 90 cable stripper

The Bronneberg KAB 90 cable stripper is perfect for PVC, plastic and lightly armoured cable. It is designed with […]

Deltax cable stripper – CSX 1010

We have for sale a used Deltax cable stripper. This compact CSX 1010 cable stripper has a cutting capacity of […]

McIntyre 5025S Metal Baler

The McIntyre 5025S metal baler is an affordable metal baler built for speed and reliablility. The 5025S produces baled material […]

Used shear baler for sale

We currently have a used Shear Baler for sale. The machine is a Roter RR550.6 diesel with lifting legs […]

Used cable granulator

Used cable granulator 2010 model Matrix 380VZT, high output compact unit for recycling cable and separating copper from plastic. It […]

Lefort C600 Alligator Shear

Available now ex-stock this Lefort C600 Alligator shear has been given a full JMC McIntyre makeover and is sold complete […]

Aluminium Ingot Casting Machine – Sold

We have for sale a pre-owned heavy duty notch bar aluminium ingot casting machine of our own manufacture.  It will be […]

Aluminium Melting Furnace – sold

Holding 200-250kg of aluminium, this single chamber aluminium melting furnace has been designed to process all types of irony, clean cast, […]

Moros GBC15 Non Ferrous scrap metal baler

This popular non ferrous scrap metal baler designed and built by Moros is in working order but will be fully […]

McIntyre 610 24″ blade alligator shear

We currently have two McIntyre 610 24″ blade hydraulic alligator scrap yard metal cutting shears available.  One is a diesel […]

Lefort C600 alligator shear

Fully reconditioned to an exceptional standard, this Lefort 24″ (600mm) general purpose scrap yard shear will be an asset to […]

The JMC McIntyre M10 and M20 Can Balers

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Bale your aluminium cans, steel cans, aluminium swarf and aluminium foil with can balers from McIntyre. The M10 and M20 […]

TARDIS aluminium dross press

Tardis is a system for recovering aluminium from hot aluminium dross.  Aluminum dross is simply raked from the furnace into a Tardis pot.  Once inside Tardis the dross is pressed and cooled


Eldair 3 ram Metal Baler – sold

This Eldair 3 ram metal baler is ideal for general ferrous or non ferrous scrap.  It produces a 120cm x […]