Product Description

This range of fuel extraction systems from Vortex is manufactured by McIntyre and includes:

Vulture pumped fuel extraction systems

The Vulture fuel tool is the ultimate in fuel extraction systems offering fast, clean and safe fuel removal.  The bronze spike powered by compressed air punches a 15mm square hole through the fuel tank to allow for faster draining.  The shape and size of the punched hole is a major improvement on drill based technology.  There is a compete seal around the fuel tool head.   Our no-drill solution allows fuel to be inspected for dirt or contamination before being sent to storage tanks for clean fuel.  The punch, pumps and fuel type can be controlled from the head by the operator from under the vehicle to avoid unnecessary movement between cabinet and the tool.  The Vulture is fitted with filters and has a manual fuel diverter option to separate dirty or contaminated petrol/diesel for connection to a dirty fuel tank.

Buzzard pumped fuel extraction systems

Similar to Vulture, the Buzzard is a no-drill solution to fuel extraction.  Buzzard is our self-contained pumped version.  Equipped with a high speed air powered double diaphragm  pump to Atex specification, Buzzrd provides for safe, reliable and fasat extraction of fuel.  It can be supplied with 3 metre flexible connections to pipework or suitable tanks and airline.

Both Buzzard and Vulture can be supplied with a Vortex high flow fuel filter which, when added to the fuel line, will ensure clean re-usable fuel.

Hawk Vacuum fuel extraction systems

Hawk has been designed for the smaller processor handling up to 10 cars a week.  Offering all the advantages of Vulture and Buzzard, Hawk is primarily supplied as a gravity fuel drainer.

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