Product Description

For car depollution, the Combi-Stand system from Vortex does it all.  This complete de-pollution system is safe,  simple and fast and will do the job day in day out with minimal maintenance and mess.  The Vortex Combi-Stand is made up of a 5 tonne vehicle stand which can tilt the car to each side to maximise fluid recovery.  This depollution system also incorporates our own oil drainer arms.  Equipped with raising funnels and 2″ pipes coupled with our washable filter system, these arms never block up.  The system can also drain coolant via our coolant spike which pushes into the bottom radiator hose.

Car depollution Roamer oil and water drainer

If the fixed drainer arms on the Combi-Stand do not suit your needs, then this roaming oil drainer unit can be a versatile addition.  Designed to work with the Vortex Depollution Tower, or an independent pump, the unit has all the features of our successful Oil Drainer Arm including a full set of sockets and drain plug keys.  It offers an even longer reach to enable it to access all areas around lifts and stands.  Oil is collected in our unique flexible funnels which are fitted with stainless steel filters and magnetic swarf collectors.  Each funnel can move independently and is height adjustable.  This allows them to be positioned to drain the engine and the gearbox at the same time, thereby getting the full benefit from the large pumps and bore pipes.

With a pumping capacity of 35 litres a minute, this robust pumped system eliminates the need to empty out flimsy “Dalek” style drainers and rapidly speeds up the de-pollution process.

The complete Vortex De-pollution range

Manufactured in Nottingham, UK by McIntyre Vortex offers a complete solution to car de-pollution with stands, pumps, systems for air-con and air bag removal, drainers and tanks.  Please contact us for further information,  and let us supply the equipment you need to meet the very latest regulations.

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