Product Description

We are now able to offer these multi-solution recycling machines for metal, plastic, E-Scrap, refrigeration residue, shredded monitors and TV’s, shredded PC boards, copper and aluminium granules from cable recycling and minterals.  Able to sort waste and other materials by colour and size they give a high detection accuracy and produce a top quality end product.  Our sensor based recycling systems with conveyor can separate household waste equally efficiently as well as plastics, glass, scrap metal, wood and electrical waste.

Benefits are:

  • Easy to use, clean, install and maintain
  • Extremely accurate
  • High throughput without reducing performance
  • Modular design to allow them to be adapted to different sorting tasks
  • Reliable
  • Precise removal of contaminants and impurities
  • User friendly software
  • Holographic flash camera with 350 million pixels and self-repairing lens to reach higher material sorting accuracy
  • Feed unit with high frequency vibration system to spread out material, allowing it to be more easily recognised

A number of different machines and configurations are available to suit every requirement. So contact us to send samples of your material. We will test it and discuss the best possible solution for you.

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