Product Description

JMC McIntyre sells a range of briquetters manufactured in Germany by Hocker Polytechnik. These high quality machines handle swarf, chips and, in some instances, dust from all types of metal and other production processes. A briquetter reduces volume, increases scrap metal value and allows expensive cutting lubricants to be recovered.

The new iSwarf machine has a high throughput and wide range of briquette densities. It combines the advantages of a compact space saving briquetting press with those of much larger briquetters. Briquette diameters of 50-100mm and production rates of 60-600kg per hour give you a customised and cost-effective solution for your business.

Of course, all production processes and final product needs are different. Please send us a sample of material, whatever it may be, and we will test it for you and recommend the best option for your organisation.

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