The processing and recycling of catalytic converters can be tricky if you haven’t invested in the proper equipment. Here at JMC Recycling, we specialise in providing the perfect solution for your recycling needs.

Catalytic converters can be difficult to recycle with the wrong machinery. We’re able to supply the perfect equipment to help you efficiently and reliably recycle catalytic converters.

Cut Open With The Edilgrappa F130

Introducing the new Edilgrappa F130 – a portable hand-held cutter that’s tough, lightweight and effective. It’s a versatile tool that can handle cable, vehicle frames, metal sheets, as well as aluminium and steel profiles. We also have a range of options for extracting dust that contains precious metals.

Our shears and guillotines come with an extraction system to ensure the safe and efficient processing of catalytic converters.

For more information on the Edilgrappa or to explore our other catalytic converter-cutting equipment, check out our portfolio here.

Crush The Contents

Get your recovered monolith finely crushed with one of our specialist crushing options. By doing this, you can cut down your transport costs to the refiner and save money on the overall process.

Our range of small hammer mills and crushers are designed for processing catalytic converters. Reach out to us for more information on how we can assist you.

Analyse On Site

Look no further than the X-MET8000 handheld analyser for a swift and precise assessment of your catalytic converters’ contents. This high-performing tool guarantees rapid and accurate chemistry, and can even handle your scrap metal as well.

Boasting practicality, sturdiness and user-friendliness, the X-MET8000 always delivers reliable results.

To learn more about this exceptional product, click here.

Find Out More

Want to know more about processing catalytic converters? Get in touch today, or visit us at the Cars and MRE show in Coventry this May.