Be amongst the first to view our new McIntyre re-brand together with the latest in recycling equipment at this year’s RWM (2014) stand 5S20-T21 from 16th to 18th September in Birmingham. The McIntyre stand at RWM will provide the launch site for the new Matrix 150 Easy cable granulation system, for example, which is being shown for the first time in the UK. This system is able to process up to 300kg an hour of all cable types when operated with a shredder. It has a new blade configuration which results in higher production rates at less cost, longer life, less maintenance and a reduced need for spare parts. The door is sound-proofed to reduce noise and the cutting chamber is equipped with anti-wear plates. Also new is the Wagner WS30 hard drive shredder, a double shaft shredder which has the ability to process 400 to 500kg an hour of hard drives. It completely destroys hard drives, ensuring that data is unrecoverable. It can also be used for destroying other data devices such as CDs and DVDs, plus general WEEE. Importantly, the machine can easily be transported. This removes the need to take hard drives off-site, which further aids data security.

Another top attraction will be the latest upgrade of the McIntyre catalytic converter guillotine. The system is already admired for its durability and the rate at which it processes and recycles catalytic converters. Now, McIntyre further enhances its safety features with the addition of an innovative hands-free opening system. The guillotine’s previous design had prevented operators from accessing the cutting blade. With this new version, McIntyre has also made the process of opening the catalytic converters after cutting hands-free, making this the safest equipment on the market for recovering the valuable metal dust from catalytic converters.

We will have a number of fully reconditioned systems for sale on our stand, including:
• McIntyre 640 180-tonne shear
• McIntyre 5025 BF baler
• (McIntyre recon.) CSX 201 cable stripper
• (McIntyre recon.) SS 170 cable stripper
* PLUS *
Also on the stand will be:
• Examples of the globally-admired Vortex car de-pollution range manufactured in the UK by McIntyre
• Metal Analysers from Oxford Instruments – both LIBS and laser
• A full range of McIntyre Cable Strippers
• The ever-popular McIntyre 407 Shear
• The McIntyre Global Super Shear
• Video footage of the new SAS Forks Extreme Engine Ripper

McIntyre is the gold standard in recycling systems and services. We have installed 27,000 machines worldwide, helping clients to maximise profits from metal, cars, waste and aluminium.

With scrap metal roots extending back to 1872, we continue to operate a thriving recycling business today. This gives us an unrivalled understanding of the challenges faced by scrap merchants, car breakers, waste managers, manufacturers, foundry managers and others charged with recycling responsibilities, such as Councils. This knowledge, combined with innovative design, meticulous engineering and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing processes means that a McIntyre system meets the world’s most exacting standards for performance and value for money.

Based in Nottingham, UK, McIntyre is still proudly managed by our founding family today, with the same commitment to honest dealings, quality, choice, safety and customer care.

As a result, the McIntyre name has become synonymous with problem-solving designs, robust products that deliver the best return on investment, and a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful service.