MG 380VZT Full System (USED)

The MG 380VZT cable granulator is a high output compact unit for recycling cable and separating copper from plastic. It has a production capacity of up to 1000kg per hour.

The 380VZT is one of a range of MG cable granulation units which can efficiently process fine hair wires and even, with a couple of additions, car looms. These patented systems can achieve up to 98% separation of copper or aluminium from plastics. It’s not surprising that we consider MG granulators to be the best in the world.

Let us know your cable processing requirements because we can provide complete systems, modular or compact, to suit every type and size of operation. Units can include shredders, conveyors and magnetic separation depending on the cable you wish to separate.  JMC can also provide equipment for processing your car looms and harness wires. A pre shredder is attached before the Matrix Granulator as well as magnetic separation and a dosing system that injects powder to dry the grease from the cables, allowing for clean separation. An additional filter can be supplied to cope with any dust generated.

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