McIntyre has secured a deal to supply Accrington-based HML Recycling with one of the most popular Roter metal balers in the range it exclusively represents in the UK and Eire.

The Roter metal baler RA 140 2XL is a superb and fast auto baler that produces high density bales of a wide range of scrap metal, production scrap, burr and other materials.

Phillip Pownall, MD of McIntyre, said, ‘The RA 140 is a real workhorse, with double axels, continuous feeding and the ability to take material from a 600 litres, direct into its hopper, without loss of productivity.’

HML, a family run business since 1965, has become one of the North West’s leading recyclers by delivering customers with the highest profits and most efficient service. It is no surprise, then, that HML chose the RA 140 in part because it can be installed very quickly: with no need for purpose-built foundations, it is can be ready to work in just a few hours after delivery.

What is more, HML can expect it to recover its purchase costs very quickly from this well-proven system. The machine is very robust, designed thoughtfully by experienced recycling experts, and made with top quality components that offer a long life span and high uptime between services, even in tough working conditions. When a service is required, all components are easily accessible for speed, and any replacement parts are stored locally at McIntyre’s depot for immediate shipping, to minimise loss of use.

Additional product details

  • Has a customisable pre-load hopper mounted on the top of the charging box
  • Start/Stop is performed by a remote control as standard included, allowing safe control
  • The close of charging box is made by the horizontal cutting cover plate, equipped with replaceable blades that cut the surplus material
  • The force is 140 ton for both cylinders
  • The charging box is equipped with replaceable and bolted castellated wear plates. These axial and side compressions are operated by double-action cylinders that also feature a transducer for infinitely variable positioning
  • The bale is ejected through the hydraulic door
  • The hydraulic and the 45 kW (60 HP) power unit are very compact and positioned away from the loading area, to protect operators
  • The machine is equipped with a 5” Siemens HMI Touch Screen

Find out more about Roter from McIntyre, here.