As we are aware, increases in prices across all industries are affecting us in the current climate, including the rise in fuel prices. The recycling industry is no stranger to high fuel costs and their impact on the industry. In this blog, we will discuss how you can keep your transport costs low and why it’s important to keep your costs low overall. 


Why is it important? 

We all know that keeping our costs low is an important part of the business. Keeping transport costs to a minimum allows other areas of the business to thrive. Although we cannot control the rising costs of fuel, which can greatly affect the cost of transportation, we can use certain methods and processes that allow us to add weight and reduce the number of trips necessary to deliver our materials. With inflation due to rise from 2% to 6%, it is more important now than ever to try and keep costs as low as possible. 



A baler is a great way to keep your transport costs low. Balers compact loose metal into blocks which can be easily stacked and transported. The compaction achieved by our balers means more weight per load, fewer trips and less fuel. As an added benefit, saving fuel also reduces your carbon emissions! JMC Recycling has a range of new and used balers available to suit all operations see *here* for a range of our top quality balers at best possible prices.

Container Tilters 

Container tilters (or loaders) are another great way to fit a larger quantity of materials into a shipping container. By tipping to either 45 or 90 degrees depending on the option you choose, a container tilter allows you to pack materials into one container, adding weight and reducing the number of trips needed to dispatch your material. The best way to save on fuel during these difficult times is to utilise space as much as possible. JMC Recycling has a range of container tilters, loaders and unloaders available *here.* Not limited to metals, A-Ward’s container tilters allow you to fill up your containers to the very last inch and do it faster too. By making short work of big loads, you’ll save time and money. 

JMC Recycling 

Here at JMC Recycling, we have a range of container tilters, balers, and other recycling machinery to help save your business money and time. We sell new and second-hand equipment and McIntyre has been a trusted brand since 1872. JMC Recycling is known for its excellent reputation and diverse range of products and equipment. If you are on a budget or just looking to save money, take a look at the used equipment we have for sale *here.* or simply look through our website and see all the equipment we have on offer