McIntyre is now able to offer you the latest in hand-held X-Ray metal analysers in association with leading instrument manufacturers Oxford Instruments.    X-MET8000 is a light, rugged and accurate XRF metal analyser designed to sort scrap fast and help you maximise your profits.  Offering rapid on-site alloy identification and chemistry of most commercial alloys including aluminium, titanium, bronze and high temperature materials.  In fact X-MET has the largest grade library, with over 1600 alloys.  It is able to quantify tramp and penalty elements,  and most importantly can be used in the toughest environments.  X-MET800  is easy to use with proven “point and shoot” simplicity requiring minimal operator training.  Its large colour touchscreen gives excellent results visibility even in direct sunlight.

Designed with scrap yards in mind, no tool is required to change the analysis window when broken or dirty.  The results screen can also be customised to suit your own operation allowing you to display the information that is important to your business for example alloy grade, elemental composition, pass/fail messages, or elements listed in your chosen order.  Extremely compact and balanced, so your operators will love you, the X-MET can be provided with an optional shield to prevent detector and X-ray tube damage when testing small components and sharp objects.  Small sample sizes can be tested, such as turnings, wires down to 1mm diameter, fasteners and chips.  X-MET can also be calibrated to handle the dust from catalytic converters.

McIntyre also supplies the Oxford Instruments’ mPulse hand held laser metals analyser for fast metal sorting – which makes us the only company currently able to offer a complete analysis solution to the UK metals recycling industry.