Change the way you think about your scrap metal grab

When we were first approached by Rotobec and asked to market their new scrap metal grab we said no. After all, there are plenty on the market and none of them really stand up to the job. Although they told us this one was different, there’s always that feeling that you’ve heard it all before. And then we saw one at an exhibition in America and were totally sold. This scrap metal grab really is different. Rotobec have considered all the problems you have with damaged cylinders and broken hoses  and they’ve fixed them.  You really don’t have to take constant problems with your grabs for granted.  Imagine the money you could save if you’re not constantly replacing expensive components in order to keep your business running………

World’s best rotators

Called Rotobec for a reason (Rotators of Quebec), this Canadian based manufacturing company has designed the best rotators in the world. Fully sealed to protect them from the elements and external contamination, they offer full 360 degree rotation. There is no need for constant greasing, and they won’t leak.

Rotobec’s cylinders are revolutionary, containing an internal hydraulic channel that eliminates the need for a return hose.  The design allows for a cylinder guard which provides 360 degree protection, with no need for an opening for the return valve.   This self-contained system therefore provides you with a cylinder that is better protected and more durable than any other option on the market.  They are  bigger than everyone else’s too!

Hoses are also provided with protection, being routed in such a way that they are kept out of danger.  The addition of impenetrable guarding prevents costly hose tears.  Adjustable mechanical stops compensate for the inevitable wear on your jaw tips, allowing you to maintain full jaw closure even after your tips are worn down.

All components manufactured in house to give complete quality control

Rotobec operate one of the largest machine shops in Quebec.  Everything is manufactured in house which ensures a high degree of accuracy and a tight fit of all components.  This again minimises leaks, and makes spare parts extremely cost effective.

We’re confident that these really are the most rugged and cost-effective scrap and waste handling grabs on the market today.  So when you’re next looking to replace one of your grabs, or your existing ones are just costing you far too much in spare parts and downtime, then why not give a Rotobec scrap metal grab  a try?