Product Description

This Used McIntyre 5025SB metal baler won’t cost you the earth and will give you great service for many years to come.   We don’t get used SB’s in often – they just keep on running.  The 5025SB produces baled material to the size of 507mm (20″) x 254mm (10″) x variable measurements in little more than 30 seconds.  It  features blades around all three edges of the bale box, hard wear plates, a return-line filter which reduces wear and tear on hydraulic components and a lid fail-safe mechanism to prevent accidental damage to the main ram rod.   All ram rods are chrome plated to ensure maximum seal life.

These combined features of the JMC 5025SB result in a low-cost, reliable and effective unit which cannot be matched by any other machine on the market today.

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