Product Description

Tardis recovers aluminium from dross.  It will maximise your profit and cut down foundry emissions.  Tardis units are in operation within some of the largest aluminium melting facilities in the world.  Just about every Tardis installation has paid for itself in under 12 months.  Some units have generated their full value in as little as two months from start up.

Whilst many purchase Tardis for economic reasons, some choose this system for environmental and safety reasons alone.  Others choose Tadis because it can handle all dross types, including aggressively thermiting material.

Reconditioned Tardis units are extremely rare.  The purchase of this system represents an ideal opportunity for foundries wishing to take advantage of all the Tardis benefits at the fraction of the cost of a new dross press.  The unit will be supplied with a warranty, and can be commissioned by our engineers at your site.

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