Sold – McIntyre 150 Alligator Shear

//Sold – McIntyre 150 Alligator Shear
Sold – McIntyre 150 Alligator Shear2019-01-01T11:53:16+00:00

Project Description

The McIntyre 150 alligator shear is small enough to be moved easily around the yard. All you need to put the McIntyre 150 alligator shear through its paces is a 13 amp socket and a suitable bench.

It’s ideal for tackling lighter metal shearing but it’s powerful enough to tackle gun metal valves, bath taps, cable and other non ferrous scrap metal cleaning operations.

Opening and closing the jaws is controlled from a movable foot pedal.  The cutting blades return immediately to the open position once pressure on the foot pedal is released, thereby increasing operator safety.

The JMC McIntyre 150 alligator shear has a 150mm, 6″ blade, and can cut 25mm, 1″, mild steel round bar. Single cuts, nibbling and cracking are all easy with the fine control available. The operator’s hands are free to manipulate the material being cut and there’s a simple stroke adjustment system.

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