Product Description

Roter shear balers for scrap metal are a relatively inexpensive compared to others on the market, but match their efficiency for compacting and shearing all types of ferrous and non ferrous metals.  The RR50.5 and RR550.6 machines have a 550 tonne cutting force, with the larger RR715.6 having a 715 tonne cutting force.  All can be manufactured as fixed or semi-mobile.  These machines will fit any yard, with multiple options and different configurations to meet every customer’s needs.

Roter shear balers for scrap metal are equipped with a diesel motor (electric motor on demand) and a radio remote control for  an optimal use of the machine from a remote position.  The 7” colour Touch Screen panel allows the operator to control every parameters of the machine, and to plan the processing of scrap metal.

A self-diagnostic system guides the operator in finding faults and an auto shut-off security sequence is activated in case of alarms or anomalies which may compromise the safety of the operator,  or of the machine. An alarms history database, and a working time database,  allow for planned maintenance and all parts can be easily reached to ease repairs and maintenance.

Different options available to suit your yard include:

  • Electric Motor 1 x 90 Kw
  • Hydraulic lifting legs
  • Precharge Table
  • Crane with operator cabin
  • Grapple with rotator (250/280/300 lts)
  • Operator cabin
  • Cabin heating
  • Cabin air conditioning
  • Preheating of Hydraulic oil
  • Preheating of engine
  • Choice of colour
  • Manuals in your language

We occasionally have used shear balers in stock.  Click here for our used machinery page

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