JMC McIntyre 407 Hydraulic Alligator Shear

//JMC McIntyre 407 Hydraulic Alligator Shear
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Project Description

The McIntyre 407 hydraulic alligator shear is an affordable, efficient 16” (407mm) blade cleaning shear. It will cut up to 2.25″ (56mm) of mild steel round bar and has enough power and speed to handle a wide variety of cutting tasks.

For example, it’s sufficiently robust to deal with the cleaning of automotive aluminium scrap, whole gear boxes, cylinder heads and blocks, oversized gate valves and all other non ferrous separations. In addition it can cut ferrous metals with ease and has the perfect blade length for cutting up tyres. The blades are deep-hardened to extend their life. These are all good reasons why the McIntyre 407 alligator shear is one of JMC’s biggest sellers.

Wheels are fitted as standard but forklift points have been included to make it easier to move the shear in the yard or when transported elsewhere. The JMC 407 is available in both single and three phase versions.

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