Harris TGS 220 Baler

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Project Description

We have a reconditioned Harris TGS 220 for sale. This ferrous metal baler is a superb heavy-duty, high-production and reliable baling machine. It uses a three compression baling system to produce numerous bale sizes – 16” x 20” x variable (400mm x 500mm x variable) – giving you the flexibility to meet changing market requirements.

Dimensions are:

  • Charging Box: 50” x 122” x 40” Deep (1270mm x 3110mm x 1015mm)
  • Press Box: 48” x 81” (1220mm x 2058mm)
  • Cycle Time: 40 Seconds

Bale Weight:

  • Copper – Approx, 306kg
  • Aluminium – Approx. 99kg
  • Steel Clips – Approx. 238kg

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