Product Description

JMC McIntyre catalytic converter shears have been purpose built to recover the valuable dust containing precious metals found in catalytic converters in ELV (end-of-life) vehicles. The shears are sufficiently versatile to be used anywhere in your yard. The catalytic converter is placed in the jaws which are controlled by a foot pedal, and cut open  Once cut, the pinched end of the converter can be re-opened using the side bracket attached to the top jaw, allowing the contents to be poured out.

All JMC Cat Shears can be supplied with dedicated extraction and filtration systems to remove additional dust because this may also contain precious metals.  So you can be sure that you will maximise the return from your catalytic converters.

Shears in the range include the 407 Cat which has a 407mm, 16″ blade, the 500 Cat which has a 508mm, 20″ blade and the 600Cat which is equipped with a 608mm, 24″ blade.

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