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Project Description

We have for sale a pre-owned heavy duty 7kg aluminium ingot casting machine of our own manufacture.  It will be checked, painted and any necessary parts replaced, so will be  supplied in good working order.   Having operated an aluminium foundry ourselves, all McIntyre aluminium ingot casting machines are rugged, reliable and built to last – this one one is no exception and still has many years of useful working life left in it.  It produces 1-3kg long notch bar ingots at rates of up to 2 tonnes an hour.  The unit is equipped with our own pouring system which has been developed to minimise dross formation, ensuring that the ingots produced are of the highest possible quality.  The adjustable speed control allows the volume of metal poured into each mould to be accurately controlled, so that ingots are of a consistent weight and dimension.  Filled moulds travel up an incline where they are cooled by 24 water spray nozzles.  As the moulds pass around the end of the incline they invert allowing the ingots to fall by gravity, assisted by two hammers.

For a complete and economical ingot production system, we also have a used aluminium melting furnace available, details can be found here

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