Project Description

This horizontal mobile shear can process any kind of mixed light/medium scrap metal, and also process HMS pieces by holding the material vertically on the hopper using the loading crane.


  • High density of processed sheared material is achieved by the powerful side compression of material prior to shearing
  • Cutting capacity of 200mm diameter and 175mm square (mild steel bar)
  • Fully automatic cycle – 1 cut every 42-45 seconds
  • 1 man operation – Load shear and load sheared processed material with the same machine. This offers the lowest running costs in the market in this category


The average productivity of the shears processing material under normal working condition, depending on the input material type and quality, quantity, operator ability and longest pre-set length of cut goes from 9 to 11 metric tons / hour.


The complete shear can be easily transported using its unique roll-on/roll-off systemOther load/unload configurations are available to suit local practicesNo foundation or civil works are required prior to the set-upMinimal footprint is requiredUse of hi-strength Weldox 700 and Hardox 500 steels in MOBICUT 1000’s construction allows for transport weight. This means that there is generally no need for special permits to transportDiesel and electric power options are available on request.