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JMC Recycling supplies a large variety of equipment for every size yard, including our range of small and large shears. We have known brands including Bonfiglioli and McIntyre. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and features of our available shears and what JMC Recycling can offer your scrap yard.  Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 mobile incline shear The Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 is perfect for both scrap yards and construction sites. These shears can process any kind of mixed light to medium scrap metal. The Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 is extremely cost-effective, and versatile, and takes up a small space in a scrap yard. The average productivity of the shears depends on the input material type, the quantity and quality, and the operator's ability. However, the longest preset length of a cut can range from 9 to 11 metric tons per hour.  What are the benefits of the Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000?  There are multiple features and benefits to the Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000, which include:  Easily transportable - using roll on/off system  Other load/unload configurations available to suit local practices  No foundations or civil works are required prior to the setup  Minimal footprint required High density of processed sheared material is achieved by the powerful side compression of material prior to shearing Fully automatic cycle – 1 cut every 42-45 seconds A one-man operation – Load shear and load sheared processed material with the same machine. This offers the lowest running costs in the market in this category SQUALO 1500-2000- 3000 The Bonfiglioli range of Squalo vertical guillotine shears is the most powerful shear available on the market. It is the best available choice for processing all kinds of HMS such as beams, rails, pipe, re-rod, skeleton plates, [...]

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Actisweep: The Key to a Clean and Efficient Recycling Yard

Here at JMC Recycling, we understand how important it is to keep your scrap yard clean and organised and how this can be a challenge if your yard is quite large and has lots of activity. We have recently become a UK distributor of Actisweep, a versatile, innovative, and effective yard sweeper that can help you maintain a clean and efficient recycling yard. What is Actisweep? Actisweep is a powerful, high-performance yard sweeper that can handle any task, big or small, with ease. It is designed specifically for the recycling industry and can help you keep your yard clean, organised, and free of debris. With its advanced features and rugged construction, Actisweep is built to last and can withstand even the toughest working conditions.  Actisweep is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a quick, efficient, and convenient way to keep their scrap yard floors clean and well-maintained. Benefits of Using Actisweep in Your Recycling Yard Increased Efficiency: Actisweep is designed to work quickly and efficiently, which means that you can clean your recycling yard much faster than with traditional methods. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get your yard in top shape, freeing up time for other tasks. Improved Safety: Recycling yards can be hazardous places, with sharp and heavy debris lying around. Actisweep helps to eliminate these hazards by removing debris quickly and safely. This improves the safety of your employees and customers and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. Increased Productivity: Actisweep is designed to be highly productive, which means that you can clean more areas in less time. This can help to reduce downtime and increase the overall efficiency of your recycling yard. Cost Savings: [...]

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Profit from Cable Granulators

In today’s climate and considering financial factors, we all want to ensure that we are doing our bit for the environment and that we are using only cost-effective machinery and processes to save or even generate money. In this blog, we will focus on having a better understanding of cable granulators, the different types, and how at JMC, we can help your scrap yard become cost-effective by purchasing a cable granulator.    What is a cable granulator?  A cable granulator is a clever piece of equipment used to chop up copper cables and then separate the plastic from the cable.  By separating the plastic from the copper, you end up with a finished product of almost pure copper granules.  Why are they used/important?  The importance of cable granulators is the function they provide, by separating the copper and plastic in the components of the cable. They have emerged as an innovative piece of technology within the recycling industry and are an environmental protection machine used to recycle a variety of cables and electrical wires. This piece of machinery allows the recovery of other essential materials, ensuring cost-effectiveness.    The types of granulators  There are three types of cable granulators, the wet, the dry, and static type.  The wet type granulator is a traditional type of cable granulator which mainly uses a gravity shaker, using water to separate copper from the plastic. The dry type granulator uses air classifiers or an air shaker. The static type high voltage electrostatic separation to detach the copper and plastic from each other.    JMC Recycling and cable granulators Having tried all the granulator types on the market, we ourselves have installed a full dry type cable granulation system manufactured [...]

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How JMC can assist you with our metal analysers

Here at JMC Recycling, we have a wide range of cost-effective machinery that can save your scrap yard money, time, and hard work; this includes our range of metal analysers. As financial factors stay at the forefront of our minds, in today’s climate, we want to ensure our scrap yards are profitable, while being cost-effective. In today’s blog, we will be talking about our range of metal analysers, the different types, and what we can offer.    What is a metal analyser?  Metal analysers allow you to ‘test’ the scrap you buy so that you know what's in every load, ensuring that you are paying the right prices. We offer two varieties of easy-to-use handheld metal analysers both of which can be demonstrated on your material, in your own yard, so you can select the right one for you.    The types of metal analysers:    Vulcan LIBS metal analyser The Vulcan LIBS metals analyser is one the fastest metal analysers you will find on the market today. This piece of machinery has one of the most advanced reporting tools for a metal analyser, as well as being a lightweight and balanced handheld Laser IBS (Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). This analyser is easy-to-use and has a long battery life, to ensure you are able to use it on your scrap yard for a long period of time. The Vulcan has been designed for the rapid identification of a wide range of alloys.    This metal analyser was manufactured by the Hitachi High-Technologies Group and is available in the UK through us, *McIntyre*.    X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyser The X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyser from the Hitachi High-Technologies Group have raised the bar with their latest handheld XRF [...]

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How To Reduce Your Transport Costs

As we are aware, increases in prices across all industries are affecting us in the current climate, including the rise in fuel prices. The recycling industry is no stranger to high fuel costs and their impact on the industry. In this blog, we will discuss how you can keep your transport costs low and why it’s important to keep your costs low overall.    Why is it important?  We all know that keeping our costs low is an important part of the business. Keeping transport costs to a minimum allows other areas of the business to thrive. Although we cannot control the rising costs of fuel, which can greatly affect the cost of transportation, we can use certain methods and processes that allow us to add weight and reduce the number of trips necessary to deliver our materials. With inflation due to rise from 2% to 6%, it is more important now than ever to try and keep costs as low as possible.    Balers  A baler is a great way to keep your transport costs low. Balers compact loose metal into blocks which can be easily stacked and transported. The compaction achieved by our balers means more weight per load, fewer trips and less fuel. As an added benefit, saving fuel also reduces your carbon emissions! JMC Recycling has a range of new and used balers available to suit all operations see *here* for a range of our top quality balers at best possible prices. Container Tilters  Container tilters (or loaders) are another great way to fit a larger quantity of materials into a shipping container. By tipping to either 45 or 90 degrees depending on the option you choose, a container tilter allows [...]

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JMC Recycling Systems Ltd – proud of our 150-year history

Next year will mark JMC’s 20th in business. But the McIntyre name, with which we still brand our machines, first appeared in scrap metal in 1872 when Irishman John McIntyre opened J.McIntyre Scrap in the shadow of Nottingham Castle.  John McIntyre was known as ‘Honest John’. His honesty made him popular as a scrap dealer all those years ago and honesty remains one of our core values today.  Some of the best metal at that time was wrought iron from horseshoes which was manually processed with large hammers – we like to think that we have come up with a few better ways over the last 150 years! When John McIntyre died at the end of the First World War, the business was sold, and the job of manager offered to Edward 'Ted' Pownall.  He later bought the company and used to boast that he earned back its purchase cost within his first few weeks of operation.  The business of J.McIntyre continued to flourish,  with Ted Pownall's two sons coming into the operation in the 1950's.  Keen innovators, they kept abreast of equipment trends and installed one of the first fragmentisers in the UK at the company’s then new site in Dunkirk. The need for quality machinery to process the increasing amount of metal coming into the business, and the passion of Ted’s son Michael for better and faster scrap processing, prompted McIntyre’s to set up a company specifically dedicated to producing equipment for the recycling industry.  J.McIntyre Machinery Ltd was born, and over the years designed, developed and manufactured a complete range of equipment from shears and balers, to cable recyclers, grabs, drum crushers, can sorters, furnaces, casting machines, and aluminium dross processing equipment.  [...]

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A-Ward win court battle over sale of Container Tilters in the UK

After an extremely long legal battle,  A-Ward have won their case regarding patent infringement by Fabcon on their range of container tilters.  This means that Fabcon are not allowed to sell their tilter in the UK by law.  A-Ward tilters are a fully patented product and we believe them to be the best in the business.  Their revolutionary tilting loaders for example, allow you to fill up every last inch of your shipping containers - and do it fast so you'll save time and money.   Further details regarding the case are given in the link below.  Should you need any additional details on  container loaders and unloaders or have concerns regarding the recent court decision then please do not hesitate to contact us.   To whom it may concern, IMPORTANT NOTICE: The High Court of England and Wales has ruled that the Fabcon container tilter infringes A Ward’s European Patent (UK) 2 021 268 and that sale of the tilter in England and Wales is prohibited by law. Fabcon Engineering has been restrained, whether acting by itself, its servants or agents, from disposing of, or offering to dispose of such container tilting devices in England and Wales. The order of the Honourable Judge Melissa Clarke is enclosed, which includes the following warning notice: ANY OTHER PERSON WHO KNOWS OF THIS ORDER AND DOES ANYTHING WHICH HELPS OR PERMITS THE DEFENDANT TO BREACH THE TERMS OF THIS ORDER MAY ALSO BE HELD TO BE IN CONTEMPT OF COURT AND MAY BE IMPRISONED, FINED OR HAVE THEIR ASSETS SEIZED. For further details, please find a link to the Honourable Judge Melissa Clarke’s Judgment on 29 July 2021:

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JMC still supplying equipment to Europe and Beyond

Kickstarting 2021 As a manufacturer, JMC operate within an essential sector so we are continuing to work through the UK's latest national lockdown.  We are thankful to all our NHS front-line workers and remain positive for the year ahead.  We are also still supplying worldwide - we won't let a crazy little thing like Brexit stop us - so whether you are located in Europe or beyond our machines will reach you. Product showcase With such a huge range of machinery, parts and recycling equipment in our portfolio we want to ensure that our customers understand everything we have to offer.  To make this easier you can now follow our #21weeksofJMC campaign on Facebook.  Here will be highlighting a different product area every week for the first 21 weeks of the year.  We dedicated the first week to our alligator shear range, the mainstay of our business.  More details on our shears can be found here.  In future weeks we will showcase our own manufactured products and those from the world-renowned recycling equipment suppliers we represent in the UK. You can also follow the progress of Terry The Terminator - a non ferrous metal baler being produced for use in our own scrap yard.  We don't just build machines we use them too - and that's why we make them to last! Sell your scrap metal to us Following the success of our recent auction we have cleared more space to enable us to buy more scrap metal.  So if you are local to Nottingham, then call us for prices on 01159409630 and bring it in. Keep track of our used machine portfolio Finally, our used machine page is continually updating here, but if you [...]

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Unreserved auction of used equipment Saturday 19th September 2020

We are holding an unreserved auction of used equipment on our site at 2 Harrimans Lane, Dunkirk, Nottingham NG7 2SD on Saturday 19th September. Viewing on our site starts Thursday 17th September at 9am and ends at 4 am Friday 18th September.  Auction starts at 9.30 on Saturday 19th September. There will be over 100 lots of used scrap metal recycling equipment including shears, balers, scrap handling grabs, cable granulators and car balers. This is a complete one off sale, machines are unreserved and it's definitely one for the diary. Please contact Charlie Foyle, Graham Johnson or Debbie Ormerod for further details. Call. 01948 667700   For further information or to sign up to bid on line follow the link here.  And if that doesn't work further details will be on the Malcolm Harrison Auctions website

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