Profit from Cable Granulators

In today’s climate and considering financial factors, we all want to ensure that we are doing our bit for the environment and that we are using only cost-effective machinery and processes to save or even generate money. In this blog, we will focus on having a better understanding of cable granulators, the different types, and how at JMC, we can help your scrap yard become cost-effective by purchasing a cable granulator.    What is a cable granulator?  A cable granulator is a clever piece of equipment used to chop up copper cables and then separate the plastic from the cable.  By separating the plastic from the copper, you end up with a finished product of almost pure copper granules.  Why are they used/important?  The importance of cable granulators is the function they provide, by separating the copper and plastic in the components of the cable. They have emerged as an innovative piece of technology within the recycling industry and are an environmental protection machine used to recycle a variety of cables and electrical wires. This piece of machinery allows the recovery of other essential materials, ensuring cost-effectiveness.    The types of granulators  There are three types of cable granulators, the wet, the dry, and static type.  The wet type granulator is a traditional type of cable granulator which mainly uses a gravity shaker, using water to separate copper from the plastic. The dry type granulator uses air classifiers or an air shaker. The static type high voltage electrostatic separation to detach the copper and plastic from each other.    JMC Recycling and cable granulators Having tried all the granulator types on the market, we ourselves have installed a full dry type cable granulation system manufactured [...]