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Processing Catalytic Converters

The processing and recycling of catalytic converters can be tricky if you haven’t invested in the proper equipment. Here at JMC Recycling, we specialise in providing the perfect solution for your recycling needs. Catalytic converters can be difficult to recycle with the wrong machinery. We’re able to supply the perfect equipment to help you efficiently and reliably recycle catalytic converters. Cut Open With The Edilgrappa F130 Introducing the new Edilgrappa F130 - a portable hand-held cutter that's tough, lightweight and effective. It's a versatile tool that can handle cable, vehicle frames, metal sheets, as well as aluminium and steel profiles. We also have a range of options for extracting dust that contains precious metals. Our shears and guillotines come with an extraction system to ensure the safe and efficient processing of catalytic converters. For more information on the Edilgrappa or to explore our other catalytic converter-cutting equipment, check out our portfolio here. Crush The Contents Get your recovered monolith finely crushed with one of our specialist crushing options. By doing this, you can cut down your transport costs to the refiner and save money on the overall process. Our range of small hammer mills and crushers are designed for processing catalytic converters. Reach out to us for more information on how we can assist you. Analyse On Site Look no further than the X-MET8000 handheld analyser for a swift and precise assessment of your catalytic converters' contents. This high-performing tool guarantees rapid and accurate chemistry, and can even handle your scrap metal as well. Boasting practicality, sturdiness and user-friendliness, the X-MET8000 always delivers reliable results. To learn more about this exceptional product, click here. Find Out More Want to know more about processing catalytic converters? [...]

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Shears – JMC Recycling

JMC Recycling supplies a large variety of equipment for every size yard, including our range of small and large shears. We have known brands including Bonfiglioli and McIntyre. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and features of our available shears and what JMC Recycling can offer your scrap yard.  Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 mobile incline shear The Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 is perfect for both scrap yards and construction sites. These shears can process any kind of mixed light to medium scrap metal. The Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 is extremely cost-effective, and versatile, and takes up a small space in a scrap yard. The average productivity of the shears depends on the input material type, the quantity and quality, and the operator's ability. However, the longest preset length of a cut can range from 9 to 11 metric tons per hour.  What are the benefits of the Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000?  There are multiple features and benefits to the Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000, which include:  Easily transportable - using roll on/off system  Other load/unload configurations available to suit local practices  No foundations or civil works are required prior to the setup  Minimal footprint required High density of processed sheared material is achieved by the powerful side compression of material prior to shearing Fully automatic cycle – 1 cut every 42-45 seconds A one-man operation – Load shear and load sheared processed material with the same machine. This offers the lowest running costs in the market in this category SQUALO 1500-2000- 3000 The Bonfiglioli range of Squalo vertical guillotine shears is the most powerful shear available on the market. It is the best available choice for processing all kinds of HMS such as beams, rails, pipe, re-rod, skeleton plates, [...]

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Actisweep: The Key to a Clean and Efficient Recycling Yard

Here at JMC Recycling, we understand how important it is to keep your scrap yard clean and organised and how this can be a challenge if your yard is quite large and has lots of activity. We have recently become a UK distributor of Actisweep, a versatile, innovative, and effective yard sweeper that can help you maintain a clean and efficient recycling yard. What is Actisweep? Actisweep is a powerful, high-performance yard sweeper that can handle any task, big or small, with ease. It is designed specifically for the recycling industry and can help you keep your yard clean, organised, and free of debris. With its advanced features and rugged construction, Actisweep is built to last and can withstand even the toughest working conditions.  Actisweep is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a quick, efficient, and convenient way to keep their scrap yard floors clean and well-maintained. Benefits of Using Actisweep in Your Recycling Yard Increased Efficiency: Actisweep is designed to work quickly and efficiently, which means that you can clean your recycling yard much faster than with traditional methods. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get your yard in top shape, freeing up time for other tasks. Improved Safety: Recycling yards can be hazardous places, with sharp and heavy debris lying around. Actisweep helps to eliminate these hazards by removing debris quickly and safely. This improves the safety of your employees and customers and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. Increased Productivity: Actisweep is designed to be highly productive, which means that you can clean more areas in less time. This can help to reduce downtime and increase the overall efficiency of your recycling yard. Cost Savings: [...]

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Profit from Cable Granulators

In today’s climate and considering financial factors, we all want to ensure that we are doing our bit for the environment and that we are using only cost-effective machinery and processes to save or even generate money. In this blog, we will focus on having a better understanding of cable granulators, the different types, and how at JMC, we can help your scrap yard become cost-effective by purchasing a cable granulator.    What is a cable granulator?  A cable granulator is a clever piece of equipment used to chop up copper cables and then separate the plastic from the cable.  By separating the plastic from the copper, you end up with a finished product of almost pure copper granules.  Why are they used/important?  The importance of cable granulators is the function they provide, by separating the copper and plastic in the components of the cable. They have emerged as an innovative piece of technology within the recycling industry and are an environmental protection machine used to recycle a variety of cables and electrical wires. This piece of machinery allows the recovery of other essential materials, ensuring cost-effectiveness.    The types of granulators  There are three types of cable granulators, the wet, the dry, and static type.  The wet type granulator is a traditional type of cable granulator which mainly uses a gravity shaker, using water to separate copper from the plastic. The dry type granulator uses air classifiers or an air shaker. The static type high voltage electrostatic separation to detach the copper and plastic from each other.    JMC Recycling and cable granulators Having tried all the granulator types on the market, we ourselves have installed a full dry type cable granulation system manufactured [...]

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How JMC can assist you with our metal analysers

Here at JMC Recycling, we have a wide range of cost-effective machinery that can save your scrap yard money, time, and hard work; this includes our range of metal analysers. As financial factors stay at the forefront of our minds, in today’s climate, we want to ensure our scrap yards are profitable, while being cost-effective. In today’s blog, we will be talking about our range of metal analysers, the different types, and what we can offer.    What is a metal analyser?  Metal analysers allow you to ‘test’ the scrap you buy so that you know what's in every load, ensuring that you are paying the right prices. We offer two varieties of easy-to-use handheld metal analysers both of which can be demonstrated on your material, in your own yard, so you can select the right one for you.    The types of metal analysers:    Vulcan LIBS metal analyser The Vulcan LIBS metals analyser is one the fastest metal analysers you will find on the market today. This piece of machinery has one of the most advanced reporting tools for a metal analyser, as well as being a lightweight and balanced handheld Laser IBS (Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). This analyser is easy-to-use and has a long battery life, to ensure you are able to use it on your scrap yard for a long period of time. The Vulcan has been designed for the rapid identification of a wide range of alloys.    This metal analyser was manufactured by the Hitachi High-Technologies Group and is available in the UK through us, *McIntyre*.    X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyser The X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyser from the Hitachi High-Technologies Group have raised the bar with their latest handheld XRF [...]

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How To Reduce Your Transport Costs

As we are aware, increases in prices across all industries are affecting us in the current climate, including the rise in fuel prices. The recycling industry is no stranger to high fuel costs and their impact on the industry. In this blog, we will discuss how you can keep your transport costs low and why it’s important to keep your costs low overall.    Why is it important?  We all know that keeping our costs low is an important part of the business. Keeping transport costs to a minimum allows other areas of the business to thrive. Although we cannot control the rising costs of fuel, which can greatly affect the cost of transportation, we can use certain methods and processes that allow us to add weight and reduce the number of trips necessary to deliver our materials. With inflation due to rise from 2% to 6%, it is more important now than ever to try and keep costs as low as possible.    Balers  A baler is a great way to keep your transport costs low. Balers compact loose metal into blocks which can be easily stacked and transported. The compaction achieved by our balers means more weight per load, fewer trips and less fuel. As an added benefit, saving fuel also reduces your carbon emissions! JMC Recycling has a range of new and used balers available to suit all operations see *here* for a range of our top quality balers at best possible prices. Container Tilters  Container tilters (or loaders) are another great way to fit a larger quantity of materials into a shipping container. By tipping to either 45 or 90 degrees depending on the option you choose, a container tilter allows [...]

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