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The World’s fastest metals analyser – Vulcan – launched by Oxford Instruments

Vulcan, the fastest metals analyser for scrap metal sorting has been launched today (24th January 2017). With the most advanced reporting tools on the market, Vulcan is a light, balanced handheld LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analyser which is easy to use and has the longest battery life in the business. Vulcan has been designed for the rapid identification of a wide range of alloys. Simply point and shoot and in one second you'll know what metal is in that load. Vulcan is available to UK scrap metal processing companies through us at McIntyre.  On site demonstrations are available on request so that you test out this amazing new metals analyser in your own yard. A fast, accurate, and durable metals analyser Vulcan is the fastest metals analyser available, taking just one second to measure metal alloys - that’s faster than any XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyser or any other laser product on the market. This means that large quantities of scrap metal can be sorted easily and fast. Vulcan offers high performance and guarantees very high accuracy and precision for its analysis results. For example, when analysing aluminium, it not only provides the commercial grade of aluminium but also its accurate chemical composition. As Vulcan is so simple to operate, possible user error has been significantly reduced if not almost completely eliminated, so the results obtained from analysis will be reliable and consistent. Designed to be rugged and durable, Vulcan is splash water and dust proof (IP54 certified). In addition, Vulcan’s measurement window is protected by strong sapphire glass, meaning no punctured detectors and no expensive repairs. The instrument has been designed to withstand harsh environments and is tough enough to be used in a scrapyard. In [...]

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Roter shear baler – this has got to be the deal of the month.

If you want a great shear baler and fast, we have now have available a new Roter RR550.6 shear baler with lifting legs. It is 50% complete - so it could be with you in a really short time, and it can be sold at a great price. The RR series shear/balers for scrap metal are easily one of the best solutions for compacting and shearing all types of steel and ferrous and not ferrous metals. They have a 550 tons cutting force and are available fixed and semi-mobile version. They are suitable for any yard and can be configured with several options in accordance with customer need. Roter shear/balers are equipped with a diesel motor and a radio remote control. The 7” colour Touch Screen panel allows the operator to control the parameters of the machine, and to plan the processing of scrap metal. Roter RR shear/balers series are equipped with auto shut-off security sequence which is activated in case of alarms or anomalies that may compromise the safety of the operator or of the machine. An alarms history database, and a working time database, are also available to enable planned maintenance. And as far as maintenance is concerned, all parts are easily reached giving quick and easy access. Roter has more than thirty years of experience in the production of equipment for earth moving such as tractors, excavators, and loaders. Based on this experience, Roter has created a new "Recycling" division, specialising in the production and sale of machines for scrap metal processing and metal waste. Roter machines are sold exclusively in the UK by McIntyre.

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Now you can analyse catalytic converters with the X-Met8000

Analyse catalytic converters!  Manufacturers of the X-MET8000 metal analyser, Oxford Instruments has just announced that it can now be calibrated to analyse catalytic converters, giving you an accurate identification/valuation of just what you are buying from the outset. The X-Met8000 is now be calibrated for the determination of palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt), and rhodium in spent automotive car catalysts.  The “Car Catalyst” calibration is pre-loaded on the instrument so it is ready to use straight out of the box.  This makes it absolutely ideal for the car dismantler or metal merchant dealing in scrap catalytic converters (and alsoA the perfect partner for one of our Catalytic Converter recycling systems). The X-Met8000 has many advantages including: Accurate alloy identification – With over 1600 alloys included, the X-MET8000 XRF analyser includes the most comprehensive set of grade libraries (AISI DIN, JIS, and GB) pre-installed - and of course  it can analyse  catalytic converters Easy to handle: The model is extremely light, compact and has an optional shield to prevent detector and X-ray tube damage when testing small components and sharp objects. Powerful data management – Store up to 100,000 results including spectra and sample image (with optional camera), share using Wifi and print via Bluetooth Easy-to-use – Intuitive, icon-driven user interface requiring minimal operator training, coupled with a customisable results screen for fast decision making, Only displays information that is important to you Low cost of ownership – The analyser is rugged with an IP54 rating (equivalent to NEMA3) for superior protection against dust and water Minimises downtime – Quick-swap analysis window and optional shield with no tools required to change if broken or dirty Maximises productivity – Up and running in seconds, and with 10-12 hours of battery life McIntyre is the [...]

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1300 tonne Copex Lidex shear baler sold in the UK

We are happy to announce the sale of the largest Copex Lidex shear baler yet to be installed in the UK.  The 1300 tonne model will be delivered in August 2016.  Copex Lidex shear balers increase productivity by up to 25%. Specifically designed for the compacting and shearing of heavy and bulky scrap metal, the unique range of Lidex shear balers achieve high production levels at minimum possible operational cost.  Copex Lidex shear balers are the first in the world able to operate fully automatically.  They do everything from dropping scrap from the pre-load table into the compression box, through to the closing of the box. From pre-compression to producing the bale and final cutting – it’s all done in an automatic cycle. Lidex shear balers are available from 800 to 1700 tonne compression force, with box sizes of 6, 8 and 10 metres.  Contact us with your requirement and we will help you to select the best combination for your application, and arrange for a demonstration. Why McIntyre have chosen to represent Copex Established since 1948, COPEX is an experienced manufacturer of hydraulic balers for the scrap metals recycling industry.   The company installed its first 1000 tonne shear baler in 1975, followed closely by its first mobile scrap shear.   Since then it has diversified into other industry areas, such as household waste and the nuclear industry. Always the innovator, Copex puts performance, robustness, flexibility, ease of operation, operational and maintenance safety, reduced running costs, and environmental compliance as its top priorities, which makes them our perfect industry partner. At McIntyre we recognise that a shear baler is an important and expensive purchase for your business, but buy a Copex machine and you will receive full logistic support, [...]

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Finally – a scrap metal grab that lasts

Change the way you think about your scrap metal grab When we were first approached by Rotobec and asked to market their new scrap metal grab we said no. After all, there are plenty on the market and none of them really stand up to the job. Although they told us this one was different, there's always that feeling that you've heard it all before. And then we saw one at an exhibition in America and were totally sold. This scrap metal grab really is different. Rotobec have considered all the problems you have with damaged cylinders and broken hoses  and they've fixed them.  You really don't have to take constant problems with your grabs for granted.  Imagine the money you could save if you're not constantly replacing expensive components in order to keep your business running......... World's best rotators Called Rotobec for a reason (Rotators of Quebec), this Canadian based manufacturing company has designed the best rotators in the world. Fully sealed to protect them from the elements and external contamination, they offer full 360 degree rotation. There is no need for constant greasing, and they won't leak. Rotobec's cylinders are revolutionary, containing an internal hydraulic channel that eliminates the need for a return hose.  The design allows for a cylinder guard which provides 360 degree protection, with no need for an opening for the return valve.   This self-contained system therefore provides you with a cylinder that is better protected and more durable than any other option on the market.  They are  bigger than everyone else's too! Hoses are also provided with protection, being routed in such a way that they are kept out of danger.  The addition of impenetrable guarding prevents costly hose tears.  Adjustable mechanical [...]

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Aluminium casting machines set sail for Tunisia

Yesterday our yard was completely full of cranes, flat beds, and containers ready to collect and handle one of our largest ever shipments of aluminium casting machines and ancillaries.  The order consisted of a combination of new and used equipment and included a new McIntyre Orca aluminum casting machine, a used notch bar casting machine and a fully reconditioned Tardis 1062 aluminium dross press.  JMC ingot casting machines were originally developed in our own foundry primarily to work with aluminium.  We wanted our casting machines to last, and to run smoothly with minimum down time, so we designed all our casting machines accordingly. Orca is a 3 to 8 tonne an hour machine depending on customer choice of moulds and cooling.  It has rapidly become one of our most popular casting machines with systems working in Europe, Mexico and the USA - and now hopefully in Tunisia before Christmas.  Tardis is a unique system for recovering aluminium from hot dross.  Aluminum dross is simply raked directly from a furnace into a Tardis pot.  Once inside Tardis the dross is hydraulically pressed and cooled.  Tardis machines typically pay for themselves in less than a year - so our latest customer should benefit from this used Tardis  extremely quickly.  We have one more left - if anyone is interested! There's barely been an inch of room in the factory and it's now looking a bit bare, with three other large systems also having left us this week.  These machines included a triple catalytic converter unit destined for the States, a combined catalytic converter and opening system for the UK, and also for the UK,  a large bespoke engine cracker with conveyors.  And with them all gone we've time for a cup of tea, and a couple of hours to [...]

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SAS Car Dismantling Attachment sold in Europe

The first SAS Extreme Car Dismantling attachment to be sold in Europe has been successfully installed at a large car dismantling facility in Sweden - Walters Bildelar Auto Dismantlers near Gothenburg. The SAS Extreme car dismantling attachment offers greater material separation from ELVs and gives the car dismantler a better return on his scrap by giving better material separation on site and a corresponding increase in value. The SAS Extreme consists of a rotating head with patented jaws which have jagged teeth for engine pulling and a needle nose flat type tip for wire harness retrieval. The unit has a streamlined exterior for quick and easy piercing of tight and stubborn areas. The hold down arm to restrain vehicles is an option on the SAS Extreme and the arms are designed to pin to the existing dozer blade mounts, making use of the existing undercarriage hydraulics. This means no extra hydraulics are required. A shorter overall head also gives extended lifting and manoeuvring capabilities. The SAS Extreme is designed to work on excavators from 14 - 26 tonne. It is a versatile and efficient unit which will quickly separate a vehicle into as many different components as the dismantler requires. SAS Forks have been making equipment for the US and Canadian market for many years and as such are an established, quality, supplier of attachments for car dismantling. McIntyre-JMC now represents the brand in UK and Europe. If you would like to know more about the SAS Extreme you can contact us on 0115 979 1478. You can also visit the SAS Forks website for additional photos and videos.

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Container tilter manufacturer scoops top A-Ward

The world's leading manufacturer of container tilters, container loader and container unloaders, A-Ward, have scooped a number of honours at New Zealand's premier business awards. A-Ward beat some impressive competition, taking top honours at the Westpac Auckland Business Awards in the categories of 'Excellence in Exporting' and 'Excellence in Innovation' - before going on to take the top Supreme Overall Winner. All of us at McIntyre would like to congratulate Simon Ward and his team who have experienced significant global growth in recent years. This growth results from their ongoing commitment to quality and innovation - and, of course, being represented in the UK by McIntyre. There is no doubt that A-Wards container tilters, loaders and unloaders are the best on the market for maximising the amount of material which can be shipped in an export container. Their patented products have transformed business performance for thousands of companies across the globe. A-Ward have recently supplied their state of the art equipment to Coca Cola in the USA, Toyota in Japan, a Heinekin brewery in Congo - and several scrap yards in the UK! We look forward to our continuing relationship with A-Ward, and in order to reduce lead times on these superb products, have just taken delivery of a new container tilter which can be dispatched immediately from stock. For further information on A-Ward's product range see our own pages here, or view their website

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Introducing the latest in handheld XRF metal analysers

McIntyre is now able to offer you the latest in hand-held X-Ray metal analysers in association with leading instrument manufacturers Oxford Instruments.    X-MET8000 is a light, rugged and accurate XRF metal analyser designed to sort scrap fast and help you maximise your profits.  Offering rapid on-site alloy identification and chemistry of most commercial alloys including aluminium, titanium, bronze and high temperature materials.  In fact X-MET has the largest grade library, with over 1600 alloys.  It is able to quantify tramp and penalty elements,  and most importantly can be used in the toughest environments.  X-MET800  is easy to use with proven "point and shoot" simplicity requiring minimal operator training.  Its large colour touchscreen gives excellent results visibility even in direct sunlight. Designed with scrap yards in mind, no tool is required to change the analysis window when broken or dirty.  The results screen can also be customised to suit your own operation allowing you to display the information that is important to your business for example alloy grade, elemental composition, pass/fail messages, or elements listed in your chosen order.  Extremely compact and balanced, so your operators will love you, the X-MET can be provided with an optional shield to prevent detector and X-ray tube damage when testing small components and sharp objects.  Small sample sizes can be tested, such as turnings, wires down to 1mm diameter, fasteners and chips.  X-MET can also be calibrated to handle the dust from catalytic converters. McIntyre also supplies the Oxford Instruments' mPulse hand held laser metals analyser for fast metal sorting - which makes us the only company currently able to offer a complete analysis solution to the UK metals recycling industry.

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See McIntyre recycling equipment at RWM

Be amongst the first to view our new McIntyre re-brand together with the latest in recycling equipment at this year's RWM (2014) stand 5S20-T21 from 16th to 18th September in Birmingham. The McIntyre stand at RWM will provide the launch site for the new Matrix 150 Easy cable granulation system, for example, which is being shown for the first time in the UK. This system is able to process up to 300kg an hour of all cable types when operated with a shredder. It has a new blade configuration which results in higher production rates at less cost, longer life, less maintenance and a reduced need for spare parts. The door is sound-proofed to reduce noise and the cutting chamber is equipped with anti-wear plates. Also new is the Wagner WS30 hard drive shredder, a double shaft shredder which has the ability to process 400 to 500kg an hour of hard drives. It completely destroys hard drives, ensuring that data is unrecoverable. It can also be used for destroying other data devices such as CDs and DVDs, plus general WEEE. Importantly, the machine can easily be transported. This removes the need to take hard drives off-site, which further aids data security. Another top attraction will be the latest upgrade of the McIntyre catalytic converter guillotine. The system is already admired for its durability and the rate at which it processes and recycles catalytic converters. Now, McIntyre further enhances its safety features with the addition of an innovative hands-free opening system. The guillotine’s previous design had prevented operators from accessing the cutting blade. With this new version, McIntyre has also made the process of opening the catalytic converters after cutting hands-free, making this the safest equipment [...]

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