Product Description

The A-Ward MiSlide horizontal container loader is a unique, fast and safe system for loading materials into 20 and 40 foot shipping containers as well as other bulk material trailers. It is possible for full loads to be transferred from MiSlide into a shipping container in only 2 to 4 minutes.

MiSlide causes virtually no container damage, even when dense materials are being loaded. This is because the shipping container encapsulates the loading machine and drives forward holding the load inside. With other systems the loading machine pushes the material into the container which can cause all sorts of scraping and bulging issues. MiSlide is able to achieve a loading footprint which is only fractionally larger than the truck itself which makes it ideal for yards where space is at a premium. An accurate weighing system is incorporated ensuring that maximum weight loading can be achieved every time.

MiSlide has several features which keep operators in their cabs so that safety risks are eradicated. Because it is fast and foolproof, MiSlide really is the perfect product for loading shipping containers.

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