Product Description

Coming in for reconditioning, available at a great price, and ready for Christmas, this McIntyre metal baler 2035 model is  affordable and  powerful enough to match the performance of much larger machines. So don’t be deceived by its size, a lid shear force of up to 88 tonnes and a platen force of up to 45 tonnes ensures that this machine has enough power to bale a whole range of non ferrous metals. Heavy duty, four sided, reversible lid shearing blades make light work of oversized materials and in little more than 30 seconds, the McIntyre 2035 metal baler will produce baled material to the size of 14″ xx 8″ (355mm x 200mm).

A variety of features on the 2035 metal baler combine to ensure the longest possible time between services and that repairs can be carried out with minimal expense. As with all JMC McIntyre balers, the 2035 is lined with hardened wear plates and all ram rods are chrome plated to ensure maximum sale life.

The 2035 metal baler has applications within a number of different industries including: scrap metal recycling, food manufacturing, product or prototype destruction, aluminium and steel can recycling and waste handling.

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