Lindemann Sodre 9 metal baler

//Lindemann Sodre 9 metal baler
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Project Description

The Lindemann Sodre 9 is a versatile semi-automatic 3 ram baler ideal for all non ferrous and light ferrous baling. Reconditioned by McIntyre, it will be sold with a 3-month warranty. Anyone interested is welcome to view the machine. Please contact us for further details.

Although McIntyre has designed some of the most respected recycling and waste management systems in the world, we are first and foremost a recycler ourselves. Having operated a scrap yard for nearly 150 years, we know what functionality you really need, and how you can invest most wisely in order to maximise your profits. Often we can meet your needs with used machines, this Lindemann Sodre 9 being the perfect example, which we can recondition and enhance so that it will give you many more years of useful service.

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