Product Description

Car Baler Sierra AL5000 for sale.  This is a 2008 model and will be sold as seen.  It is in good working order.  Built with double compression axel, fixed wall and mobile side wall, lid and hammer, this model produces high density bales of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal as well as ELV and van scrap. Designed to hold large-size vehicles so to accelerate the box closing system and increase the hourly production, the AL5000 also features the widest box opening of its category for easier grab feed.  The 180 tons pushing force of the 2 cylinders allows hammer and lid to first push the material on the basis of the box and then press it laterally forming the compaction box. This unique charging box design enables to size material quickly and to close the box without losing precious time. The surplus material will be pushed into the box by hammer and lid or cut by the strong fixed wall of the machine.
With charging box closed, the machine is able to produce one high density bale in less than 60 seconds.

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